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“Presto” Video Plan

1 Video per Month for 12 Months

Abrakadabra-72croppedPlease read this entire agreement, complete the form below and click on the “Continue to Payment” button to accept all Terms.

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This agreement is between Cigma Media (Studio) and the individual or company whose name appears on the payment submission for this service (I, me, or my). By entering my name and email address below, and clicking on the “Continue to Payment” button I am agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined on this page. I acknowledge that my 12-month subscription begins today and that I will deliver any necessary content in a timely manner in order to have my first two videos produced within thirty days.


I understand that I will receive one (1) video per month for 12 months, for a total of 12 one-minute customized animated videos (whiteboard, infographic, or other format at the discretion of Cigma Media). I also understand that my videos will be uploaded to YouTube for me and optimized for search and video marketing, and that I will be notified monthly with embed codes, video links, and marketing ideas as part of the Cigma Media “Presto” Video Plan.


I understand that my subscription to video production under this Agreement shall constitute a buy-out of the produced videos and that there shall be no additional payments or fees required for use of videos beyond the end of the contract term for this Agreement. I further understand that, under the terms of this Agreement, I shall have a license, in perpetuity, to use my videos in whatever manner I might choose provided I do not change or modify the videos from their original form. My license does not include the right to modify, enhance, excerpt or change the original video in any manner.


I understand that this very affordable rate is only available because of Cigma Media’s ability to arrange for bulk discounted pricing from its voiceover talent and other production service providers. In order to receive this discount. I agree that I will be responsible for assisting Cigma Media’s production process to run as efficiently as possible by making myself available for monthly consultations (as needed), completing the Cigma Media Pre-Production Questionnaire, and by providing a total of 12 scripts using the provided Script Template form and instructions I will receive. I understand that the 12 scripts will be submitted in two sets of 6 scripts at once, twice during the next year. I understand that this process will allow Cigma Media to work as efficiently as possible and that this process for content creation will keep my involvement in the production process to a minimum.

I understand that in order to maintain the greatest efficiency at this affordable rate, the Production process will be supervised solely by Cigma Media and will not include any option for review of the videos or other involvement on my part. My sole contribution to the production process will be to provide the scripts as described elsewhere in this agreement. All videos produced under this agreement shall be considered “final,” with no option for changes, except in the event of a typographical error. Upon completion, all videos will be immediately uploaded to my YouTube channel and optimized for search. I understand that I will receive the embed codes and links to these videos immediately upon upload each month and I’ll also receive support through Cigma Media’s Video Marketing process.


I understand that the affordable custom videos produced under this agreement are “basic” by design and do not include any additional upgrade options. I understand that any upgrades as described on the Cigma Media website are only available for Single Production videos and are outside the scope of this bulk-video package.


I understand that in order to achieve this very affordable production cost, any and all footage created or provided by Cigma Media shall be non-exclusive and that Cigma Media will retain the right to use any footage created for my videos for future use and promotional purposes, including posting my videos on the Cigma Media and/or VoiceActing Studios website, YouTube channel, social media sites or other Internet destinations. Future use may also include using, adapting or modifying elements of my video or footage for use in any future production. This non-exclusivity shall not apply to any element that specifically includes any content or reference that directly pertains to my unique business name or location.


As a condition of enlisting Cigma Media (Studio) to produce this project, I agree and understand that audio/video production is a creative process and that Studio is an expert in this type of work. As such, I agree that Studio and its associated parties will have creative license to create and produce this project to the best of their abilities, without unreasonable interference from me, within the guidelines agreed to during preliminary meetings and under the terms of this agreement.

I further understand and agree that any creative process, including this production, is subjective by nature and that there are no guarantees or promises as to the effectiveness or any results or reactions that may or may not be achieved through presentation or distribution of the completed production. Upon delivery of each completed production under this Agreement, I shall release Studio of any and all obligations relating to this production and Studio shall not be held liable for any errors, omissions, or damages that might result from presentation or distribution of the completed production.


I understand that my credit card or PayPal account will be billed $697 every month for the next 12 months through a recurring PayPal payment. I understand that the first payment will post to my credit card or PayPal account today. As an option, I understand that I can get one month free by investing in the “Presto Video Plan” with a single payment of $7,667.


I agree that I will pay the full amount of this Presto Video Plan ($8,364) over the 12 month period through a recurring payment of $697 each month or through a single payment in the amount of $7,667 (1 video free with advance full payment). I understand that I will receive one (1) 1-minute videos each month for the next 12 months that include the following elements:

  • Content Consultation on Scripts
  • Voiceover services (male or female voice)
  • Animation services
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Customized graphic with my Logo, Company Name, Phone Number and Website
  • YouTube Channel Creation
  • Upload videos to YouTube
  • Optimization for search on YouTube

I understand that I may use my videos for any online or offline marketing purpose, including my website, email, social media, in-store, trade show and other video promotions.


Complete the form below and click the button below to move to the next step. Clicking the “Continue to Payment” button confirms your acceptance to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 

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