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Fully-customized Video for Your Business

The videos on this page will give you a good idea of the quality of video production you can expect from Cigma Media.

We work with every client to determine the best approach for each video. Many of our small business clients on a budget will opt for our pre-produced “Ready-to-Go” videos or a fully customized animated marketing video with voiceover and music.

Our more sophisticated clients often need on-camera and location video to enhance the marketing message or establish a personalized brand.

Every production includes a customized script and personal attention to detail. Take a look at the videos we’ve produced for some of our clients. Then give us a call at 858.484.0220 to find out how we can help your business with video. For full screen, click the 4-arrows at the lower right corner of any video. Press ESC to exit full screen mode.

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Animated Web Marketing & Promotional Videos

An animated marketing video is a highly effective way to tell your story. Whether you are promoting a sale, a featured product or service, or the benefits of working with your business, this type of video will definitely do the job. Animated videos grab your viewer’s attention and keep them watching and listening, ultimately motivating them to take action. Animated Web Videos come in two basic styles:  Whiteboard and Infographic. Both styles are available in your choice of three formats:

  1. A basic :60 video through one of our Annual Plans,
  2. A full-length Web Video, like the examples below, and
  3. A fully-customized commercial which is a combination of whiteboard, infographic and other video components.  

A whiteboard video is a sequence of animated hands that write out the text. You’ll find a few examples of whiteboard videos in our Ready-to-Go catalog. An infographic video is like the video on the Home page of this website and the examples below.

Before ordering, please CLICK HERE to download our Pre-production Project Questionnaire.

VOICE Convention Promotional Video

VOICE Convention Promotional Video

VOICE Convention Promotional Video

Website Commercials

Website commercials running longer than one minute can be a combination of whiteboard, infographic, live-action video, photo images, video effects, and on-camera talent.

This type of production is far more complex than a basic whiteboard or infographic video and is best for larger businesses who are already using video or have the budget for broadcast-quality video production or for businesses that want to establish a strong brand.

Please CLICK HERE to download our Pre-production Project Questionnaire or call us at 858.324.4121. We can only give you our all-inclusive price after we know more about your business and what your production will entail.

Voiceover Event Teaser

Lighting Store Web Commercial

On-line Voiceover Conference Commercial

Fishook Grille Theatrical Commercial

VOICE Convention Commercial

“How to…” Explainer Video

Full-length Explainer videos are generally longer than a website commercial. This type of video will teach about something, provide training, explain the details of a process or give the viewer other necessary information.

These generally run 2 minutes or longer and will often require additional production time. A shorter variation of the Explainer video can be very effective as an on-going series of videos that offer tips or suggestions designed to promote aspects of your business.

Please CLICK HERE to download our Pre-production Project Questionnaire. We can only give you our all-inclusive price after we know more about your business and what your production will entail.

Q Swimsuit Online Designer

VOICE Convention Registration Process

Training “How to use…” Rapid Access

Full Length Marketing Videos and Demos

Professional demos and marketing videos will often be 7-10 minutes in length (or more) and will require substantial pre-production, production and post-production editing time.

Videos of this sort may also involve live action on-camera, interviews, on-location shoots, or a green screen studio shoot, although some can be produced simply by editing video provided by the client. Additional costs may be in the area of hiring additional crew, customized music, actors, set construction, lighting, sound design and more.

This type of video is best for established businesses that want to focus on branding or that need to build a professional image through their video marketing.

Please CLICK HERE to download our Pre-production Project Questionnaire. We can only give you our all-inclusive price after we know more about your business and what your production will entail.

Professional Speaker Marketing Demo
Milo Shapiro – Keynote Speaker

Testimonial Marketing Video
Children’s Holiday Magic Project – 2015

Trade Show Kiosk Promotional Video
Rapid Access – Corporate Software

Heart Logic
Business Consulting

Professional Speaker Marketing Demo
Milo Shapiro IMPROVentures Coaching

Testimonial Video
VOICE 2014 Convention

Fund Raising Video
Flying Tigers 69th DRS History Project

Testimonials Promo – 2016
Children’s Holiday Magic Project

Professional Speaker Marketing Demo
Antarctic Mike Keynote Speaker

Testimonial Video
VOICE 2012 Convention

2016 San Diego 48 Hour Film Project
“Breakout Room” – Director’s cut

Encinitas Half Marathon
Documentation & Promotional Video