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Returns & Refunds


The books, CD’s, CD-Rom media, DVD’s, and digital downloads sold through this web site and at VoiceActing LLC events are informational in nature and therefore are NOT RETURNABLE for refunds.


Printed books may not be returned for a refund. However, if a book purchased through this web site or at a VoiceActing, LLC event contains digital media, that media will be REPLACED if defective.


Defective media purchased through this web site or at a VoiceActing, LLC event (audio CD’s, DVD’s, and CD-Rom discs) will be REPLACED. Customer is responsible for the cost of Return Shipping of Defective media. Only the defective disc(s) will be replaced upon receipt at our office. VoiceActing, LLC will pay for the costs of shipping of Replacement media.

This replacement policy applies only to original purchasers of products ordered through this web site or purchased at a VoiceActing, LLC event.

If you purchased a product through another reseller (i.e. a book store), and it contains defective media, please first try contacting the original merchant for a replacement. For certain products we may be able to replace the media, but there will be a minimum $7.00 charge (plus tax and shipping) to process the replacement media order. Please call us (do NOT e-mail) if you would like us to let you know if your defective media can be replaced and the exact charges that might apply.


Downloads of digital software, PDF, audio, or video files are accessible through the customer’s VoiceActing Academy account or delivered directly to the purchaser, and are NOT REFUNDABLE. Most downloads will remain accessible in the customer’s account as long as their account remains active. However, some digital downloads are only available for a limited period of time. It is the customer’s responsibility to log in to their account and download files before their expiration date.


If you received defective media from a purchase made through this web site or at a VoiceActing, LLC event, please call us at 858 484-0220 or send an e-mail to [email protected] to request replacement. Defective media must be returned to VoiceActing, LLC at the address on our Contact page.

When sending an e-mail, please be sure to include your Name, Address, and Phone Number and best time to call should we need to contact you.

Your replacement request will be processed only upon receipt of the defective media.


VoiceActing, LLC acts as a reseller for equipment sold through this web site. Most equipment is sold under an affiliate arrangement with a major equipment retailer. Questions regarding returns or refunds of equipment purchased through these vendors should be addressed directly with the vendor. If the equipment is purchased directly through VoiceActing, LLC either through our PayPal account or by credit card or check payable to VoiceActing, LLC, please contact us directly using the information on our Contact page. Equipment returns and refunds are handled on a case by case basis.


A registration or deposit for a workshop, or training event is a guarantee of your seat at the event, and as such, prevents us from making that seat available for someone else. Registration for a tele-course gives access to the call and any support materials. Generally, deposits and tuition for workshops and other events are nonrefundable. Depending on the training course offered, makeup classes may or may not be available or payments may be applied to a future event

Registration for training events that are taught by outside coaches will not be refunded under any conditions and we cannot guarantee that the contracted coach will offer a makeup class or allow your tuition payment to be applied to a future workshop.

Please see our complete discussion of workshop and event policies here.


If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding our
return policy, please contact us by phone or e-mail according to the information on our Contact page.



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