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The following release applies to all workshops and events
presented by VoiceActing, LLC

Unconditional Notice and Release for Recording:

Please read carefully.

If you do not want your voice or likeness to be included in a product that might be sold, or used in any future promotion materials, we ask that you do NOT participate in any on-mic coaching or other event or workshop activities.

Due to the nature of workshops and events presented by VoiceActing, LLC, any or all of the following situations may be present:

  • There may be opportunities for working on-mic to receive performance coaching and direction or to participate in other workshop activities.
  • There may be opportunities for you to be part of a video testimonial, news coverage, or other media promotion.
  • There may be video cameras and other recording devices used at various times during the event which may render it impossible to avoid recording your voice and/or likeness.


By entering a VoiceActing, LLC produced event venue and/or participating in any on-mic coaching or other event activities, you agree, and are granting permission, that your voice and/or likeness may be recorded on any photographic, audio, and/or video media without compensation in any form now or in the future.

You further grant to the promoters and organizers of the workshop or event the right to edit or modify such recordings in any manner deemed necessary for the purpose of creating a marketable product or other promotional or marketing material of which the recording of your voice and/or likeness may be a part.

If, or when a promotional product is produced, or a marketable product is created and later sold, which includes a recording of your voice and/or likeness, it is understood that you shall not be entitled to, nor shall you receive, any credit mention or compensation resulting from either your appearance or any proceeds derived from the sale of the product.

This agreement is understood to be a condition of your registration and physical presence at the VoiceActing, LLC event to which you are registered. This agreement shall be considered unconditional and to exist and be binding in perpetuity.

Your paid registration and attendance is your unconditional agreement to  the above policies. If you do not agree with the conditions stated above, you may choose to not participate in any on-mic coaching or exercises that may be recorded. The producers of VoiceActing, LLC workshops and events shall not be held liable for any purchases or expenses beyond the original amount paid for tuition.



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