The Art of Voice Acting  by James R. Alburger
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Examples of Produced Demos
Click on a link to open demos in your media player.

These demos are included here to give you an example of the quality of demo production you can expect from James Alburger and VoiceActing Productions.


James R. Alburger - Commercial - Medical - Industrial - Telephone -
Click here to learn more about James

Penny Abshire - Commercial - Medical - Industrial - Telephone Elearning
Click here to learn more about Penny

Alburger & Abshire - The Voiceover Team - Commercial - Industrial

Here are some examples of VO Demos Produced by James Alburger &

Jon Allen - Commercial

Mike Aguirre - Commercial

Debbie Andreen - Commercial

Robert Anthony - Commercial - News/Promo/Trailer

Alex Apostolidis - Commercial

Jack Bair - Commercial

Mary Baker - Commercial - Industrial

Amy Berger - Commercial

Bob Boyd (Palm Desert, CA) - Commercial

Tim Branson (Portland/Vancouver) - Commercial

Jeanine Burandt - Commercial

Curt Byk (Orange County, CA) - Commercial

Barry Campbell - Commercial

Derek Chappell (Kansas City, KS) - Commercial - Narration

Pamela Chollet (Los Angeles, CA) - Commercial - Industrial

Debra Cole - Commercial

Jeff Devitt - Commercial

Joe Flood (Mt. Vernon, WA) - Audiobook - Promo

Jusy Fossom (Cheyene, WY) - Commercial

Marc Garcia - Animation

Melanie Glancy - Commercial

Dawn Harvey (Calgary, AL, Canada) - Commercial

Lissa Henige - Commercial - Medical

Martha Kahn - Commercial - Narration

Mike Laponis - Commercial

Toni Lynne (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) - Commercial

Gil McArthur (Clearwater, FL) - Commercial

Adam McLaughlin (San Diego, CA) - Game/Animation

Lindsay Martell (Los Angeles, CA) - Commercial

Helen Metella (Edmonton, AL, Canada) - Commercial

Deb Munro (Vancouver, BC, Canada) - Commercial

Shannon O’Brien - Commercial

Jody Olson - Commercial

Stan Pickett (Potomac, MD) - Commercial - Narration

Raleigh Pinskey (Phoenix, AZ) - Commercial

CW Powers (Glen Haven, MI) - Commercial/Industrial

Chad Quidor - Commercial

Ezekiel Robison (Boise, ID) - Commercial

Peggy Schneider - Narration

Jessica Springer - Audio Book - Commercial/MOH - Narration

Rich Strange (Portland, OR) - Commercial - Narration

Bob Tomlin (Orange County, CA)- Commercial

George Asteri (Michigan) - Commercial

Tony Williams - Commercial - Documentary - Narration - Medical

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