The Art of Voice Acting  by James R. Alburger
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We’re constantly on the lookout for interesting voice-over performances, session out-takes, interesting links, and other audio or video clips that reveal something about the craft of voice-over and performance. If you know of something you think should be added to this page, please send an e-mail. Should you discover a broken link, please let us know..

Please note that some of these MP3 files are very large and may require some download time before playing, especially on slower connections.




Sarita Maybin - Sept. 21, 2006: James Alburger interviews Sarita Maybin  about her book If You Can’t Say Something Nice… What Do You Say? Learn key techniques for handling difficult people, challenging situations, or simply how to say “no” in a way that satisfies both parties.


Orson Welles - Classic commercial session out-takes. The transcript of this session is in Harlan Hogan’s book, VO: Tales & Techniques of a Voice-over Actor. (you can download this file by “right-clicking” on the progress bar while the track is playing.)

Orson Welles AOVA - One of our Art of Voice Acting Workshop grads, Jon Allen, was so inspired by the Orson Welles out-takes that he created his own version using our workshop and production studio as the background. If you enjoyed the authentic Orson Welles out-takes, you’ll also like Jon’s parody.

Bloopers Soap - This gem of a commercial session gone wrong was written by Daws Butler and features Daws, John Harmon, Shepherd Menken, and Herschel Bernardi. This is funny! . . . And even though this was produced in the late 1950’s, there is still a lot of truth in it.

“Client Wonderland” - Continuing on the theme of advertising agencies . . . this all-too-true song made it’s way around the Internet during the 2004 Holiday Season. If you’ve ever voiced a commercial produced by an ad agency, you’ll appreciate the true meaning of this song.

“Pilots” - Here’s a different twist to the traditional pilot’s welcome speech you’ll usually hear when traveling on an airplane.

“The Mental Health Answering Machine Message” - This isn’t a great piece of voiceover work, but it is funny none the less!

VIDEO PLAYBACKS—please allow for download time:

“Karaoke for the Hearing Impaired” - Here’s an excellent demonstration of physicalization to communicate a message. Notice the facial expressions and body language. OK, so it’s not voiceover, but this is still worth watching.

“Simpsons Voices” - Watch two masters of character voice as Harry Shearer and Dan Castellaneta improvise a Simpson’s dialog.


There’s enough here to keep you busy for weeks!

Old Time Radio Catalog ( - Here’s a website loaded with literally thousands of old radio shows that are worthy of a lifetime of study by any voice actor. MP3 CD’s are available for purchase, plus there are many full tracks for playback or download. Add fascinating articles and more information and you’ve got a voice acting resource that’s hard to beat.

April Winchill’s Multi-media page - Talk about a website chock full of unique and off-the-wall audio clips, songs, and out-takes, this is it! Listen at your own risk—these are uncensored.

Out-takes & Bloopers - Here’s a collection of interesting, and often rare, radio out-takes and bloopers.

Ebaum’s World - Here’s a collection of unique audio and video commercials, out-takes, and off-the-wall material. Plan to spend some time here!

When Announcers Go Nuts - More out-takes and bloopers from TV and radio. Beware! Some of these out-takes can get a bit off-color.

Program Already In Progress - This link will take you to the archives of WMPG’s (Portland, ME) Friday night program, PAIP. This is a good resource for studying character voice performance.

Classic radio commercials & jingles - You’ll find lots of classic radio ads from the 50’s and 60’s on this site. Other pages of this site are host to lots of classic imaging jingles and other radio history.

Free Old-time Radio Shows - Click on this link to be taken to, where you’ll be able to listen to 100’s of old-time radio shows in MP3 format for FREE. Most of these old radio shows were scripted, and are excellent examples of creating believable characters and situations that are “off-the-page.”

More Old-time Radio Shows at - RUSC is an Aladdin's Cave of classic radio broadcasts from the 1930s, 40s and 50s for you to download and listen to at your leisure. This site has a membership fee.

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