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Mixers & Signal Processing

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USB Mixers

A USB mixer will give you more control over your recording volume and will be needed if you are using an on-board phone patch, or if you need to combine multiple microphones or record from analog devices like  external CD players, cassette decks, etc. However, if you are just getting started, you may be better off using a simple USB interface.  It's simpler and easier to set up.


Behringer X32 - 32 input fully digital mixer. If you produce complex audio or need lots of inputs, consider this gem from Behringer.
Behringer Digital Mixer X32


Behringer Xenyx 1204USB 12 Channel USB Mixer
If you need to do basic phone patch sessions, you need this mixer! Behringer Xenyx 1204Usb Usb Mixer


Behringer Q802 USB Mixer
Behringer Xenyx Q802usb Mixer


Mackie 1402-VLZ3 Premium 14-Channel Compact Mixer Mackie 1402-Vlz3 Premium 14-Channel Compact Mixer

Signal Processing

Outboard signal processing is best reserved to those who understand audio and how it can be manipulated. These devices require the use of a mixer and are usually placed between the mixer and the USB interface. It is important to know that once processed, an audio signal cannot be unprocessed.

  • A Compressor is used to increase the low volume parts of an audio signal.
  • A Limiter is used to prevent loud audio spikes from exceeding a preset maximum volume.
  • A Gate is a method of noise reduction. When closed (below a set volume threshold) audio is not allowed to pass. A Gate is most often used for music recording to reduce room noise and extraneous audio.

Due to the specialized nature of signal processing, we  are not including any specific recommencationsat this time. We suggest you learn more prior to purchasing.

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