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COVB-Pro-on%20standThe Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro
and VoiceActing Academy

The Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro beats every other portable voiceover booth...
...hands-down! And we’ve listened to them all!

If you’ve been looking for a great portable voiceover booth to use  when traveling, or if you have limited space for recording at home, you really need to check out the CoVB Pro before you buy anything else.

    Imagine my delight when my engineering hero, James Alburger commented on a recent Reader's Digest narration I had done: "That was done using a Portable Carry-on Vocal Booth?  The sound was dead on!"  I rent my home and space is limited so the Portable Carry-on Vocal Booth is perfect for me. It gives me very clean recordings without that boxy sound I’ve had in the past. Now I feel totally confident that I am delivering a professional clean sound... if it passes Jim's ear, it's good enough for me!
         Martha Kahn, Voice Actor

The CoVB Pro from VoiceActing,com and Vocal Booth To Go solves every problem that exists with the other so-called “portable” track booths on the market. And it does it at a very affordable price!

What more could you ask for?

  • The CoVB Pro is a one-piece unit, unlike other units that have an external case or travel in a box.
  • The CoVB Pro is made form world-famous Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets that are specially designed for highly efficient acoustic treatment without creating a “boomy” or “boxy” sound.
  • Its lightweight at less than 12 lbs with table base and about 8 lbs without. Other units can weigh up to twice as much (or more).
  • In its closed position, there is plenty of room inside for your computer, cables, mic and everything you need for recording on the road. Most other booths have little or no inside space when packed, so you need another case for your computer and recording gear.
  • The CoVB Pro packs flat at about 5” thick - even with equipment inside - and easily fits in an aircraft overhead compartment, so it travels better than other booths that are big and bulky. Carry handles and a shoulder strap are included.
  • CoVB Pro is built into a self-contained carry case of durable rip-stop nylon with only ONE zipper. It assembles and breaks down in under 30-seconds with nothing to take apart or put aside. Other zippered booths can take up to 3 or 4 minutes to assemble or break down with zippers that can be troublesome to work with and have a separate case or box.
  • When open, the CoVB Pro has a full 22”h x 22”w  x 20”d of totally functional, flat internal working space. Other booths with acoustic foam construction have about 16”h x 18”w x 12”d with no flat surface and limited functionality.
  • The CoVB Pro has a built-in metal table that gives it plenty of support so it can be used in just about any situation.
  • A special mounting bracket is included for mounting the CoVB Pro on any mic stand with or without a boom arm. When mounted on a mic stand, the CoVB Pro and the mic stand can be adjusted independently. Other booths are difficult or impossible to mount on a mic stand.
  • With its special mic bracket, your mic can be positioned deep into the CoVB Pro or closer to the front, depending on your room conditions and desired sound. Most other booths have a fixed position for your mic, especially if the booth is mounted on a mic stand.
  • A small fluorescent light is included that provides plenty of light so you can actually see your script. Other booths come with a small LED light that may not provide adequate light.
  • The CoVB Pro also includes an iPad holder that will allow for any tablet to be mounted on its inside mounting bracket.
  • Your script can easily be clipped to one the CoVB’s two internal support arms. This makes very easy to position your head inside the booth for optimum acoustic effectiveness. Most other booths literally have no place to put the script, which means you have to hold the script or fold it so it will fit inside the booth.

But how does it sound?

One of the most commonly accepted forms of treatment for eliminating or reducing reflected sound waves is acoustic foam. Pyramid, Wedge and other acoustic foam designs have proven themselves over the years to be effective at improving room acoustics. But because acoustic foam is the end result of a chemical process, it requires special treatment for fireproofing in order to meed fire codes. The ingredient used to fireproof acoustic foam contains some organic compounds which can tend to cause deterioration of the foam over time. This is why you’ll often find older installations of acoustic foam that will flake or fall apart when touched. Although newer formulas for acoustic foam have a longer shelf live, eventually, all acoustic foam will need to be replaced.

The Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro - and every other vocal booth from Vocal Booth To - uses the exact same Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets (PCSB) that were designed for Hollywood’s major film studios. The full-size PCSB are 8’ x 7’ with grommets and are perfect for treating the entire wall of a small room. They are basically, acoustically designed extra large furniture blankets that are filled with special materials designed to produce approximately 80% reduction of reflected sound waves. Three or four of these Sound Blankets in a small room will result in an excellent recording space. But for many voiceover talent, space and budget are both at a premium.

That’s where the CoVB Pro comes in. Since it is constructed from the same high-end acoustically designed Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets, it does an amazing job of preventing reflected sounds in a room from reaching the microphone. The additional benefit of the voice actor being able to actually work inside the CoVB Pro booth makes it far more effective that the competition.

You’ll actually make money with the Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro

The going price for most so-called “portable” voiceover booths is around $350 or more. The CoVB Pro sells for $375.79 and its worth every penny! It’s easier to set up and break down, easily attaches to any mic stand, sounds better, and is more portable than any of its competitors.

A slightly narrower version (the Carry-on Track Booth) is only $259.87 price. The CoTB also includes a table, but does not allow for mounting on a mic stand and does not include some of the other accessories you’ll get with the COVB Pro. The CoTB is suitable for working on a desk or even in a car and was designed for broadcast journalists who need quick set-up and tear-down to record voice tracks in a hurry, when every second counts.

Put the Vocal Booth To Go Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro or the Carry-on Track Booth to work today!

If you’re in the market for a portable voiceover track booth, give the Vocal Booth To Go Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro or Carry-on Track Booth a try. We promise you won’t regret it.

CoVB Pro and CoTB are shipped by FedEx Ground (5-7 day delivery). 8.75% sales tax added to CA orders.

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