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Equipment for your Home Studio


Here’s  your resource for excellent home studio recording equipment and supplies at great prices! A home studio for voiceover can be whatever you want it to be - from a simple setup in the corner of your living room, to a dedicated recording area in an extra bedroom or the garage. We encourage you to become familiar with some of the many options for home recording equipment before you spend your money. The equipment we recommend here is based on our knowledge and personal experience, and represents only a  small sampling of the equipment available.

We also offer a complete consultation service for determining your specific home studio equipment, installation, and training. You’ll find a thorough discussion of home studios in James Alburger’s Voice Actor’s Guide to Professional Home Recording E-book.

If you are a VoiceActing Academy Conductor’s Club member, you can take advantage of our home studio consulting services at a discount, as well as receive numerous other member benefits.

Our recommended basic configuration consists of the following items:
(prices given here are estimates.)

MXL-990  Microphone - $79.99

USB Interface:
Behringer Q802 USB - $79.99 (excellent for desktop or portable laptop. Clean sound with very good headphone monitoring. This USB interface requires A/C power)

Behringer 1204 USB .$149.99 (great for home studio, but not easily portable)

Copy Stand:
Manhasset  Music Stand - $35.99

Mic Stand (w/backup dynamic mic):
Gear One Mic/Cable/Stand Package - $24.99 (You’ll get the mic stand, a 20’ mic cable and a backup mic for less that what the stand alone would normally cost.)


This configuration will give you everything you need for both a home and portable studio. Prices noted here may be different from the actual prices (click on the appropriate "Buy Now" buttons for current prices):


Order audio equipment for your home studio by clicking on the BUY button below each item. A new window will open where you can read more about the item and see the price. Clicking on the BUY button does  not commit you to purchase an item. To purchase, simply click on the ADD TO CART button on the product page. To add more items to your cart, you can close a product window and continue browsing our pages here. Each new item you select will be added to your cart. We use Musician’s Friend as our equipment resource simply because they offer the best brands of equipment at great prices. Prices are not included on our site because Musician’s Friend is constantly offering their products at sale prices. Just click on the link or photo to find the guaranteed lowest price on audio equipment for your home  studio.

If you don't find what you're looking for, please e-mail us at [email protected] and well do our best to track it down for you and add it to our web site, or tell you where you can find it. Please be as specific as possible with your description.

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