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James R. Alburger Works the Voices  of Vancouver
August 24, 2004
by -- Hollywords  Publicity

American Voice Star
Comes to Canada for the First Time

VANCOUVER - August 23, 2004:

On Saturday, August 28th, eleven-time Emmy Winner James R. Alburger will be  sharing his skills with eager attendees at his 8am-5pm seminar at The Pacific Palisades Hotel.

Ross Huguet, creator and owner of Vancouver’s extremely successful One Stop Voice Shop was able to persuade the popular voice performer and coach to come to Canada for the first time because Alburger had always wanted to see Vancouver. “It didn’t take much arm twisting to bring Jim up here, and doing this workshop was a great excuse to stay a little while and visit Vancouver,” explains Huguet.

During his nine hour seminar, Alburger will work with people who want to break into voiceover, media talent (DJ's, television news reporters, etc), sales people, and other business executives who need high-level communication skills to reach their audience.

Political candidates are also ideal for these coaching services, says Alburger, “simply because the techniques we teach can be extremely effective in their line of work.” Alburger goes on to explain: “In the coaching side of our business we apply the same voice and acting techniques we use when performing a commercial or creating a character, however, we modify the application of those techniques to the specific needs of our  client.”

“For example, a political candidate needs to project a professional image of their individual personality and what makes them different from all the other candidates. We don't want to create a different character, but we do want to improve the communication skills. We can work with political candidates as personal performance coaches, or we can help their campaign as advertising specialists with the creation, voicing, and production of radio commercials.”

Alburger’s performing styles include: Character and attitude; Soft sell, Medium Sell, Man-on-the-street; Interviewer; Youthful and dramatic. He is also excellent with narrative and dialog copy.

James R. Alburger has been performing in one way or another from the early age of twelve. He’s been directing voice talent for more than 30 years, he wrote the highly acclaimed book The Art of Voice-Acting and he has received 11 Southwest Regional Emmys, 3 Omni Intermedia Awards, and 2 Silver Microphone Awards for his work as an audio producer.

As an example of what this coming Saturday’s seminar-goers can expect from Alburger, he shares his favorite warm-up exercise, one he calls “The Cork.” “Get a cork from a wine bottle and place the cork between your teeth. I’d suggest saving the wine for later! With the cork between your teeth, read some copy out loud V - E - R - Y  S - L - O - W - L - Y. Over-enunciate every vowel, consonant and syllable in every word, and make sure you clearly speak the ends of words. Be careful that you don’t rush through little words like “a”, “an”, “the”, “if”, and so on. You’ll find your cheeks, jaw and tongue will start to get tired after just a few minutes, but you’ll also notice that after this exercise you will speak much more clearly without sounding forced. I have one student who uses this exercise by reading traffic signs on his way to the studio. Another of my students keeps his cork on a chain around his neck!”

Alburger’s critically acclaimed book, The Art of Voice-Acting, focuses on the voice-over performer as an actor. The book starts with the basics of performing for voice-over and covers every aspect of the business. The Art of Voice-Acting is the foundation for the comprehensive workshop and seminar training in which James R. Alburger teaches his voice-acting techniques. Jim Ptycia of One Stop Voice Shop believes, "With today's technology, the opportunity for voice talents to work worldwide from home has never been! But it takes more than knowing how to turn on a mike. Jim Alburger's seminar is a rare opportunity for voice talents, aspiring voice talents and anyone who communicates with their voice in any industry, to learn from one of the best in the business.

Jim has done it, won it and knows how to succeed. Bringing him to Vancouver fulfills our mandate of helping as many people as we can learn the craft of voice acting with the very best tools and training available today."

"The demand for our services has been steadily growing particularly from the United States,” adds Huguet, ”and we realize that we must continue to add interesting voices to our roster of talent. However we also understand that virtually anyone can benefit from these communication techniques, even if you never do a professional voice over, these skills will most certainly be valuable to you."

One Stop Voice Shop is the voice over specialist company, providing voice over talent, recording, production, and casting services. They offer a wide range of services catering to the specific needs of their clients, including voice overs for commercials, documentaries, audio books, internet, promos, industrials, multimedia & radio programming. In addition they offer a comprehensive selection of International Voice Talent for their clients to choose from. One-stop shopping and single rate  billing make the use of their in-house voice over talent the most popular  option for all of their long list of happy clients.

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