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The Voiceover Team of James Alburger & Penny Abshire specializes in humorous dialog for radio and television voiceover. When you need a unique style and perfect delivery, we make you sound great! The Voiceover Team—


Media & Press

Newspapers, magazines, radio talk shows, and other media are often interested in unique businesses and careers like voiceover. On this page, you will find links to some of the many articles and interviews featuring James Alburger, Penny Abshire, The Art of Voice Acting book, and other aspects of our business. For testimonials regarding The Art of Voice Acting book and workshops, please CLICK HERE.

Television Appearances: (Watch the inteview)

KLAS, Las Vegas interviewed James and Penny during VOICE 2007 in March, 2007.

Newspaper Articles: (Click on links to read the articles)

North County Times (San Diego) - August 27, 2005: James Alburger and Penny Abshire are featured in this business to business article that discusses their voice acting workshops, business communication skills training, and audio/video production services.

Today’s Local News - June 24, 2005: James Alburger is interviewed about his debut as a theatrical director for Escondido’s (San Diego) Patio Playhouse production of Neil Simon’s Proposals.

Broadcaster ”Canada’s Communication Magazine” - August 24, 2004: James Alburger Works the Voices of Vancouver. This feature article discusses James’ voiceover career and his Vancouver voice acting workshop.

San Diego Radio On-Line - James Alburger was the feature article for the December 1, 2003 issue of Christopher Carmichael is the creator of this site that has become the source for Radio News in San Diego. Thanks to Chris for giving us permission to reprint the article from

Radio and Production Magazine - Cover story interview with James Alburger. This is a 7-page article from the March 2002 issue of RAP magazine, a “member-only” subscription for radio stations around the world.

Radio Appearances: (Click on links to listen)

Effective Advertising & Business Services - James and Penny discuss the storytelling and production processes of radio advertising. Examples of Commercial Clinic work is played. (8/30/05)

Effective Radio Advertising - James and Penny talk about effective radio advertising and creative commercials on Bottom Line Radio Network ( (7/5/03 - 17 min)  

WGN Radio with Milt Rosenberg - James and Penny are featured in this 90 minute interview along with Chicago VO talent Tim Dadabo and Doug James.  (8/19/04 - 90 min)


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