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What’s Voiceover all about?

Voiceover is not about simply coming up with a “good interpretation” or “read” for a script. It’s all about creating compelling characters in interesting relationships . . . and that’s the essence of acting! If “breaking into voiceover” is your goal, you will need to learn how to act while reading from a script. In fact, the best acting sounds completely real—like it’s not acting! VO is a performing craft, and the more acting skills you have, the easier it will be to create a believable character for every script. If you are serious about learning voiceover, we do recommend taking other acting classes in addition to specialized voiceover training . . . and we suggest taking voiceover training from several different coaches. Unless you already have a strong performing background, a single voiceover class or workshop won’t give you all the skill and experience you’ll need to break into the business—or to produce a demo.

Acting talent is pretty much something you are born with. Some people have natural performing instincts and for others it takes time to learn the skills and performing techniques. And, to be perfectly honest, there are some people who are simply not destined to act in any way, shape, or form. Still, if you find that you have a passion for learning voiceover and you make a decision to at least take a serious look at learning the performing skills . . . we’re here for you! We can’t teach you to act . . . but we can teach you to be a better actor. And we’ll be happy to discuss your potential as a voiceover artist. One thing we won’t do, however, is to evaluate your voice or performing abilities after a short phone call. We’ve had far to many students who began with limited skills, or who struggled through their mastery of performance techniques, only to go on to become very talented and highly skilled performers.

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Our training is different!

Our goal is to give you the best training and education in acting for voiceover that you will find anywhere - and that can take some time. Our primary training is our Weekend Performance Intensive, which includes nearly 6 hours of webinars and 2 very full days of hands-on, personalized coaching. After you’ve got some basic training under your belt, we offer very affordable on-going support and coaching through our Conductor’s Club membership site. Visit www.ConductorsClub.com for details.

The Art of Voice Acting Performance Workshop is all about using acting, voiceover, and performing techniques for more effective communication - and these skills can be used in every area of your life.

Because this workshop is all about your performance, you will - of course - get lots of time on mic! But, unlike most other VO workshops, we don’t put you in front of a microphone before you know what you’re doing. The first section of our workshop consists of a five comprehensive webinars designed to help you fully understand the performing concepts you’ll be working with when you are on mic. We encourage you to study the webinars before attending the workshop.

During the VoiceActing Academy Performance Essentials Workshop:

  • You’ll get first-hand experience learning how to apply voice acting and performance techniques.
  • You’ll receive personalized one-on-one coaching throughout the workshop.
  • You’ll get the information you need to know to be successful as a voice actor and communicator.
  • You’ll learn "tricks of the trade" and other tools you can use to immediately improve the way you communicate with others.
  • You’ll learn acting and performing “tricks” and techniques that you won’t find in any other voiceover or acting workshop... anywhere.
  • You’ll receive recordings of all of your on-mic coaching sessions to review what you have learned.

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All of our Performance Workshops follow
this Basic Format:

Each section of our Performance Workshop builds on the previous section to provide you with a well-rounded foundation in the essential performing skills you’ll need to successfully work as a voice actor. The Art of Voice Acting is a required text for this workshop.

  • 5 3/4 hours of pre-event webinars - 5 Webinars that will give you tons of tools and techniques you can use immediately. These webinars are the majority of the lecture material for our Performance Intensive.
    • Introduction to the Performance Intensive event
    • Voiceover and Acting Basics
    • The Seven Core Elements of Performance
    • The IEEO communication strategy, wood shedding, script analysis, and fundamental acting techniques.
    • All about character
  • On-mic - Working with monologues to discover attitude, vocal tone and interpretation
  • On-mic - How to create interesting and unique “real-people” character voices.”
  • On-mic - Character voices, part 2 - creating extreme voices for animation and special applications.
  • On-mic - Developing skills for timing, listening and responding - single-voice and dialog work.
  • On-mic - How to find and tell the story in complex technical and long-form scripts.

Throughout the event we play lots of audio examples and you’ll work on-mic with lots of one-on-one coaching from James and Penny. Unlike many voiceover workshops, we don’t limit you to receiving only your recordings. You will receive the recordings of everyone in your group!f

For those students who choose to pursue voiceover, we offer a Voiceover Business Masters Class, and workshops on many other topics essential for your success in voiceover.

Call 858 484-0220 for more information and to register using your credit card, or . . .

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We’re going to be completely honest with you
from the very beginning!

Performing for voiceover can be some of the best... and most profitable...  fun you’ll  have! ever

But “doing voiceover” professionally as a full-time voice artist can be challenging, frustrating, and expensive . . . especially if you don’t know what you’re doing! In other words, voiceover, in many ways, is exactly like any other business you might start. But there are also many things that make voiceover very different from other business ventures... and voiceover is not for everyone!

To learn how to “do the business” correctly, you need to study with someone who’s done it . . . and continues to do it. We’ve been working in voiceover, both on mic and as producers, directors, copy writers, coaches, and production engineers for more than 35 years. Need more credibility? How about 11 Emmys for audio production and sound design, the author of “The Art of Voice Acting,” considered by most professionals to be the “bible” of the industry, and co-producers of the VOICE convention, the world’s only International voiceover convention.

Even if you are already a working voiceover professional your performing skills may not be what they could be - and that can mean you’re missing out on getting the jobs you should be getting. The VoiceActing Academy Performance Essentials workshop is a comprehensive overview of fundamental performing principles and techniques along with lots of one-on-one, personalized coaching to take you from your current level of performance to a level of performance you may not have imagined.

Do some research before you sign up for any voiceover workshop! And consider, very carefully, any coach who tells you that “you’ve got a great voice,” or recommends that you produce an expensive demo after taking only a few classes. Chances are you may not be ready. There are literally thousands of people who want to break into voiceover, and those who succeed will be the people who are well trained and know what they’re doing. We’ll make sure your voiceover work has you on the right path.

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The VoiceActing Academy
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Go ahead... Fill yourself up with
two very full days of on-mic coaching from
James Alburger & Penny Abshire
Plus nearly 6 hours of webinar training!

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Most people who consider “getting into” voiceover think only in terms of doing voice work for animation or commercials. But the reality is that the performing skills used by professional voice actors can be applied to every area of your life. These are communication skills that will help you to excel in your current job, improve business communication, and make you a better story teller.

If you've ever thought about working as voiceover talent for radio or television commercials, now is the time to learn how you can be successful in this fun and exciting business. There are new opportunities for voiceover performers every day.

If you speak professionally or make presentations from a prepared script, you can learn new ways to connect with your audience to get the results you want.

If you use your voice to communicate with other people in sales or customer service, the skills you will learn here will be invaluable.

Is voiceover for you?

Maybe . . . maybe not! Voiceover isn’t for everyone. Only you can be the judge as to whether or not pursuing a career in voiceover is right for you. But many of our students never intend to become voiceover talent. The performing and communication skills we teach are often more important than “breaking into voiceover.” We’ve taught professional speakers, sales people, clergy, news reporters, actors, tele-marketers, and even theme park employees how to be more effective communicators through the use of voiceover and acting skills.

Voiceover is a specialized area of “show-business” that requires dedication, acting ability, specialized performing skills, excellent reading skills, and passion. To be truly successful, you must want to do voiceover because you can’t live without it! If you don’t know yet if VO is something you might want to pursue, then our recommendation is to read The Art of Voice Acting book before you take any voiceover class. Just because people tell you “you’ve got a great voice — you should be doing commercials,” doesn’t mean you should drop everything and start taking voiceover classes. “Breaking into voiceover” is a serious decision that can literally change your life . . . and you should at least learn the basics about the craft and business of voiceover before you spend your hard-earned money on more classes, books, and workshops.

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Bill Cleveland describes his experience at the VoiceActing Academy Performance Intensive Weekend Atlanta!


James Coleman describes his experience at the VoiceActing Academy Performance Intensive Weekend Atlanta!


Kate Anderson describes her experience at the VoiceActing Academy Performance Intensive San Diego Weekend!


Tony Lewis describes his experience at the VoiceActing Academy Performance Intensive San Diego Weekend!



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