Here’s what top VO professionals are saying about
The Art of Voice Acting!

In my view, Jim has written THE definitive book on professional voice acting. If you want to be a successful voice actor, LEARN from Jim, TRAIN with him, and above all READ THIS BOOK!
Mel Hall - Executive Producer-Director, Voice Actor, Cinira

A good coach and a good book can point you in the right direction and get you asking the right questions.  In my opinion, the right book is James Alburger’s The  Art of Voice Acting.  Buy it, read, and re-read it; you won’t regret it.
Harlan Hogan - Professional Voice Actor
(from his book: VO: Tales & Techniques of a Voice-over Actor)

I've been in broadcasting for 40 years, and in spite of my age have done quiet well in the voice-over biz. I recently read your book and found it to be, in my opinion, about the best there is.
Jerry Houston - Professional Voice Actor

Required reading at my weekly Denver Voiceover Class is James’ classic text, The Art of Voice Acting. Students at The Acting Studio get lots of value from his artistic guidelines and marketing tips. What a deal!
Bill Smith, Director of The Acting Studio (Denver, CO)

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The Art of Voice Acting


"I started using The Art of Voice Acting when I was teaching a Voice and Diction class as my acting school, and after reading [the] book, I restructured it into a "Voice Acting" class. The amount of free web links inside is worth more than all the Voice Acting books on the market. I understand why it's considered the bible of Voice Acting. I have recommended it as "The" Voice Acting resource for my students and fellow aspiring voice actors ever since. I have [this] book to thank for the foundation of my training. Thanks Jim for inspiring me to pursue my Voice Acting dream!"
     David Letendre, voice actor and coach

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The Art of Voice Acting
5th edition

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The Art of Voice Acting
5th edition

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The Art of Voice Acting
5th edition

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The Ultimate Voiceover Reference Book!Completely updated 5th edition - order you copy today.

The Art of Voice Acting, fifth edition
is the most comprehensive book
on voiceover ever written!

“This is the book that every other book
on voiceover is compared to.
Without question, it belongs in every serious
voice actor’s library!”

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The Art of Voice Acting is the only book on voiceover
that is used as a major theater arts text book by more than two dozen
colleges and universities.

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Here’s what’s new in the fifth edition!

  • Completely updated for today’s VO trends
  • 500 pages devoted to every aspect of the craft and business of voiceover
  • An entire website devoted to support files, downloadable forms, playbacks, additional chapters, articles and more.
  • More techniques
  • More exercises
  • All new scripts
  • Dozens of scannable response codes for instant playback, access to files, and links to websites on your smart phone
  • More contributions from top VO professionals from around the world
  • More niche areas of voiceover work are discussed
  • An entire chapter is devoted to your Home Studio
  • More information about the changing world of voiceover technology
  • A completely new chapter of studio stories and “tricks-of-the-trade” from professional voiceover talent around the world
  • Updated information for voiceover demos and marketing
  • A comprehensive index that makes it easy to find what you're looking for

"If there was ever a voice actors bible, this is it. James Alburger covers all the bases. From the business of voiceover to performance techniques, demos, marketing, and more. I've read it cover to cover multiple times... and have several copies as well! James and his book have helped my career immensely. No matter what stage of this great career you are at right now, The Art of Voice Acting is a must read."
    Chuck Davis, voice actor

About the Author
James R. Alburger is an award-winning producer, director, performance coach, and voice actor. After a 25-year career in television (and 11 Emmy Awards), he opened VoiceActing, LLC, which includes VoiceActing Studios and Voice Acting Academy. He teaches workshops on voice acting, voices a variety of audio projects, and is an expert in home studio design and audio production for radio, television, film and live performance. He is also an in-demand coach for companies of all sizes, using his voice acting techniques to teach business professionals how to be more effective communicators.

Now in its fifth edition, James Alburger’s highly acclaimed book on the craft and performance of voiceover is the best-selling book on voice acting according to and other book sellers!

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