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VOICE Convention Recordings and Audio Training

One of the most practical ways to study voiceover is by listening to seminars, panel discussions, and workshop training. You’ll be amazed at what you will learn.

If you were in Los Angeles for VOICE 2008, you know what an amazing event this was! More than 400 voice actors from 9 countries attended more than two dozen seminars presented by 20 top coaches from three countries, PLUS special events and a pre-opening reception with some of the top industry professionals in the world!

To say VOICE 2008 was a memorable
and educational experience...
...would be an understatement!

If you weren’t able to be in Los Angeles for VOICE 2008, it’s not too late to take advantage of the incredible training offered in the business of voiceover, performing techniques, and current VO technology.

    For a limited time, you can purchase a compilation DVD-Rom* with MORE THAN 24 HOURS of audio recordings of most of the conference events**.

Along with your audio DVD-Rom, you’ll also receive a set of the 3 conference workbooks, the VOICE 2008 Program/Magazine, and a VOICE 2008 tote bag (plus other goodies while supplies last.)

Here’s what you’ll get on the
VOICE 2008 compilation audio DVD-Rom*
(Additional BONUS content may be added later)

James Alburger & Penny Abshire - Opening Keynote - The origin of the VOICE conference and the meaning of the VOICE hexagon logo.
Chris M. Allport - Mastering Self-direction
Beverly Bremers
- General Session - Voicercise
Marc Cashman- Voiceover Masters Class
Marc Cashman
- General Session - “We’re Looking for a Muse” - The funny side of voiceover
Stefan Chinell (Sweden)
- International Voiceover
Pat Fraley
- Accent on Dialects
Marc Graue
- VO From Both Sides of the Glass
Richard Horvitz
- A Willingness to Play Pretend
Joe Klein
- Old Skook Meets New Media
Larry Maizlish
- VO From the Talent Buyer’s Perspective
Debbie Munro (Canada)
- Audition Wizardry
Gabrielle Nistico
(of - Breaking into Radio Imaging
MJ Lallo
- Movement for Character
Raleigh Pinskey
- Promoting Yourself to Increase Your VO Business
Steve Savanyu
(Audio Technica) - Microphones: Applications & Techniques for Voiceover
Randy Thomas
(Voice of Academy Awards) - Living Your Voiceover Dream
George Whittam
- The Technology of Voiceover
Julie Williams
- Proven Voiceover Techniques
Nancy Wolfson
- Why Branding Breaks You In

For more information about these programs and our VOICE 2008 Presenters, visit the VOICE Store at


  *The VOICE 2008 compilation DVD-Rom is NOT a video DVD. This product is a data-DVD that works like a website and should play fine on both PC and Mac computers. All sessions can be played directly from the DVD-Rom or you can burn the MP3 files to your own audio CDs.
**Due to contractural obligations and/or proprietary content, certain VOICE 2008 events cannot be released on the compilation DVD-Rom or be made available for purchase after the conference.


The VOICE 2008 Promo Panel Audio CD

Promo Panel for web - smallJoe Cipriano’s Promo Panel was one of the real highlights of VOICE 2008! Joe assembled an incredible panel of top promo talent, including: Paul Pape, Townsend Coleman, Melissa Disney, Kat Cressida, Stew Herrera and Beau Weaver.

The information and stories they shared are entertaining, informative, and... well... priceless!

If you’re serious about learning the “insider secrets”
 of professional voiceover, you’ll definitely
want to add this 1-hour 15-minute audio recording
to your voiceover reference library!

This program is NOT included on the VOICE 2008 compilation DVD-Rom and is only available for a limited time.


Visit the VOICE Store at

The VoiceOver International Creative Experience
VOICE 2007

Education, Technology, and Community are the foundation of the biggest voiceover event ever!

voice-hexlogoThis DVD-Rom features more than 20 hours of voiceover techniques, information, tricks of the trade, and coaching from 12 of the top voiceover coaches and voice talent in the US, plus other special features. 200 voice actors from 6 countries attended the event in Las Vegas in 2007, and most of them purchased this compilation of the 4-days worth of seminars, panel discussions, and training to support their VOICE Experience.

Now, you can add this priceless resource to your personal library.

With this VOICE 2007 DVD-Rom, you’ll learn from:

  • Rodney Saulsberry - “Step up to the Mic”
  • Connie Terwilliger - “Self Evaluation”
  • Frank Frederick - “Love Notes branding”
  • Chris Wagner - “VO and the WWWeb”
  • James Alburger & Penny Abshire - “The Psychology of Voiceover” and “The Seven Core Elements of Performance”
  • Gregory Best - “Negotiating the best Talent Fee”
  • Bettye Zoller - “Finding Your Voice in the Audio Book Industry”
  • MJ Lallo - “Creating Character Voices”
  • DB Cooper - “Infinite Ammo: A Gamer’s Guide to Performing Voiceover for Video Games”
  • An interview with Linda Weinrib
  • Questions and Answers with Don LaFontaine
  • No-holds-barred Demo Evaluations
  • The Pros Talk About the Business of Voiceover
  • Questions and Answers Panel
  • Plus special material from AFTRA and

Each seminar runs between 1 and 1 1/2 hours.

For more information about these programs and our VOICE 2008 Presenters, visit the VOICE Store at

See it . . . With Your Ears!
The Art of Voice Acting Seminar Series on CD-Rom

see it with your ears TMYou’ve asked for it . . . So here it is! We’ve been teaching workshops and seminars for a long time! We’ll often invite local voice talent, agents, and producers to share their wisdom, tricks, techniques, and stories with our students. Our Seminar Series is packed full of useful information on the craft and business of voiceover from some of the top professionals in LA, Chicago, San Diego, and other cities.

Now you can add our seminars to your library to study and learn from some of the best in the business!

You’ll get nearly 15 hours of audio seminars as MP3 files all on one CD-Rom, including:

  • 2001 AOVA Workshop Panel - 1 hour 17 min: San Diego professionals Mel Hall (producer/director/Voice Talent), Robert Concha (producer/director), and top LA coach MJ Lallo (voice actor, coach, producer/director)
  • 2003 AOVA Workshop Panel - 1 hour 19 min: Rob Actis (voice talent); Dan Balestrero (top Los Angeles voiceover coach); Norman Flint (voice talent/producer); and Chuck Buell (voice talent).
  • 2004 Chicago - The Business of Voiceover - 45 min: An in-depth and comprehensive discussion of the business of voiceover by James Alburger & Penny Abshire with additional comments from Chicago Producer David Lewis. This recording immediately preceded the Chicago Guest Panel at the workshop.
  • 2004 Chicago Workshop Panel - 1 hour 39 min: Guest panel features Chicago professionals discussing the craft and business of voiceover: Lynne Hamilton (Chicago talent agent); Sherri Berger (Chicago voiceover coach and talent); Harlan Hogan (author and Chicago VO talent); David Lewis (Chicago producer).
  • 2005 AOVA Workshop - 1 hour 18 min: Guest panel features professionals: Norman Flint (voiceover talent & producer); Phil Ganyon (Ad agency owner & voice talent); Jeff Buchannan (video game voiceover producer & director); and Debbie Munro (voiceover coach and talent from Canada).
  • Three Comic-Con seminars
  • Susan Berkley’s “Silver Circle” interview with James Alburger
  • James and Penny on WGN radio
  • James and Penny on World Talk Radio
  • Jack McClendon's interview with James on EncourageMint Radio
  • James and Penny's appearance on Bottom-Line Radio

Shipped via US or Global Priority Mail

Seminar Series - US
$77 + $7 s/h


Seminar Series - Outside US
$77 + $13 s/h



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