The Art of Voice Acting  by James R. Alburger
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The Voice Actor’s Guide
to Professional Home Recording
Revised 2nd Edition

James R. Alburger


  • A note about the links in this eBook
  •    Internal links
  •    Internet links
  •       Navigating the links
  • Introduction
  • The Basics of a “Home Studio”
  •    You studio’s purpose
  •    Essential ingredients and equipment for a home studio
  • About the technical information
  •    Why the technical “stuff” is important
  •    Important Technical Terms You Need to Know
  •       Audio Terms Worth Knowing
  •       Computer Terms Worth Knowing
  • Audio basics
  •    A bit about sound
  •    Microphone Level vs. Line Level
  •    Connectors and Adaptors are your friend
  •       Chart of Connectors and Adaptors
  • How microphones work
  •    The critical component
  •    Microphone basics
  •    Microphone technique
  •       Working the microphone
  •       Never blow into the microphone
  •       Let the engineer adjust the microphone
  •       Holding the microphone
  • Choosing the equipment that’s right for you
  •    Your home studio location
  •    ”Fixing” bad room acoustics
  •    Choose a good microphone
  •    Monitoring your audio
  •    Analog or digital? How will you get audio into your computer?
  •    Purchasing your studio equipment
  • Your computer – the heart of your home studio
  •    Choosing between a desktop and a laptop/notebook computer
  • Purchasing your laptop or notebook computer
  •    Memory 
  • Recording on a Hard Disk
  • How will you record your audio? (software: free, cheap & pricey)
  • Using your laptop at home
  • Your recording environment at home or on-the-road – a review
  • Setting up and using your studio
  •    Using USB
  •    Using an analog mixer
  •        Input section
  •        Output section
  •        Monitor section
  •    Using a telephone interface
  •    ISDN – is it really necessary – and just what is it anyway?
  •    Using an external USB hard drive
  • The Recording Process
  •    A Brief History of Audio Levels
  • Audio Processing
  •    To Process or Not to Process
  •    Normalizing tracks
  •    Compression and Limitin
  •    Equalization
  •    Noise Reduction
  • Organizing your computer
  •    Backing-up your projects
  • Everything you need to know about MP3
  •    Delivering your audio files
  •    Delivery via recordable media
  •    Delivery via email 
  •    Delivery via an FTP website
  • That’s a wrap
  • Appendix 1: Internet resources for more information
  • Appendix 1: How to build a simple acoustic baffle for under $25
  • Appendix 2: Home studio equipment configurations
  •    Low budget
  •    Mid budget
  •    A Mac home studio configuration
  •    Additional equipment to upgrade any studio
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