The Art of Voice Acting  by James R. Alburger
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The Voice Actor’s Guide
to Professional Home Recording
by James R. Alburger

New revised 2nd edition!
Completely updated with more than 40 new pages
of immediately useful information!

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    If any of you are looking for a great book on setting up your studio, take a look at the book James puts out. Great material, clear and yet in depth where it needs to be. It's really well done! I'm actually producing my latest CD in my home studio - that I have been building based primarily on this book. James - I hope you got a whopping check from Musician's Friend, LOL. After producing this and the next CD - I will break even on the cost to build the studio versus what I paid for studio time. After that, the next few CD's will be essentially "cost free" as far as studio time goes. My point is - get the  home studio E-book from James if you are going to do any home recording!
        Sean Buvala

    The Voice Actor’s Guide to Professional Home Recording
    is an easy-to-understand technical manual for equipping,
    setting up and using your home studio!

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The Voice Actor's Guide to Professional Home Recording
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The Voice Actor’s Guide
to Professional Home Recording
by James R. Alburger

New, Revised 2nd Edition

Downloadable eBook in PDF format

(you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this E-Book)

If you’re just getting started in voiceover, you know that sooner or later you must be able to record auditions and projects at home on your computer. It’s simply the direction this business is moving.

A relatively new computer or laptop gets you half way there, but you’ll still need a few things before you can record and deliver professional-quality auditions and paid projects. And if you’re like most voice talent just starting out, you probably don’t have the budget for a lot of expensive equipment, or the knowledge to put everything together.

The Voice Actor’s Guide to Professional Home Recording puts everything you need to know into simple language. There’s no fluff or unnecessary content. What you’ll find here is concise, down-to-earth, easy-to-understand information that will help you get your home studio up and running quickly . . . and within your budget.

The Voice Actor’s Guide to Professional Home Recording is different from every other book, ebook, or DVD on home studio recording. It's packed with hundreds of links to other websites and additional resources including FREE recording software and more. Plus, every key point in the E-Book is cross-linked within the book itself. Finding what you need to know has never been easier, and this is  something you’ll never find in a printed book!

Click here to see the Table of Contents and a sample page

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll get in The Voice Actor’s Guide to Professional Home Recording:

  • The Basics of Home Studio Recording
  • Audio Basics
  • How Microphones Work
  • Choosing the equipment that’s right for you and your budget (plus links to buy it)
  • Essential information about your computer
  • Setting up your studio
  • How to make great recordings
  • Audio processing: what it is and how to use it
  • Organizing your computer
  • Everything you need to know about MP3 files
  • Delivering your auditions and projects
  • And much, much, more!

There are 3 Appendices with additional resources and Internet links, instructions on how to build an inexpensive acoustic baffle, and several equipment configurations that can meet even the lowest budget.

The Voice Actor’s Guide to Professional Home Recording is an easy-to-read ebook that gives you the critical information you need to know to build your home studio, find the right equipment, fix your room acoustics, and start making great-sounding professional home recordings.

Order your copy on line by clicking on the “Buy Now” button at the top of this page. When your order is processed, you’ll be immediately taken to a special page with instructions on how to download your eBook to your computer. Keep the eBook on your computer for convenience, or print it out for a handy studio manual.

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