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Ask anyone who was at VOICE 2008 and they’ll tell you what an amazing experience it was. The conference workbooks, alone, had more than 300 pages of useful information! Plus, every attendee received a copy of the official VOICE 2008 Magazine/Program. If you’re thinking this is a typical event or conference program with just a listing of who’s speaking and when... think again!

There’s information in the VOICE 2008 Magazine that you won’t find in any voiceover book!

This is an 86 page magazine that’s loaded with insider-information about the craft and business of voiceover. There are 22 articles written by many of the conference presenters, plus a few VO experts who were unable to attend. Here’s what you’ll find in this amazing resource, divided into the three core categories of the conference:


  • Five Words Every Voice Actor Should Know - Susan Berkley
  • How to be an Audio Book Story Teller - Julie Williams
  • Turning the “Eh” into “Huh” - Deb Munro (Canada)
  • Have You Forgotten How to Play? How to Find Improv Classes to Take Your VO Work to New Levels - Karly Rothenberg
  • The Agent Myth - Gabrielle Nistico
  • Tell Me... Don’t Sell Me - James R. Alburger
  • Whatever Happened to Generic Cola? (All about branding) - Jason Sikes
  • How to Pick the Best Voice Acting Class - Marc Cashman
  • The 2008 Voice Clarion Call: Know the Story - Pat Fraley


  • How to Make Money in the Voiceover Industry - Stefan Chinell (Sweden)
  • Quality vs. ut Bonus Satis - Mike Harrison
  • “The David” (On creating a character that works!) - Dave Modzak
  • Auditioning from Your Home Studio - Marc Cashman
  • Voicin’ it the Toyota Way: Kaizen & Deming - Two Keys to Success in the Voiceover Industry - Stefan Chinell (Sweden)
  • PR, Branding, & Marketing: Your Keys to Success - Raleigh Pinskey
  • Understanding Voice Direction Methods - Beverly Bremers
  • Shedding Light on the Dark Side of the Voiceover Industry (What you need to know about the legal side of voiceover work) - Rob Sciglimpaglia


  • It’s Time to Come Together - James R. Alburger & Penny Abshire
  • The Coolest Job there is! The Voiceover Biz from Both Sides of the Glass - Marc Graue
  • Voicing from the Other Side of the Pond (What it takes to do voiceover work on an International level) - Julie-Ann Dean & Andy Turvey
  • Do it Because it’s the Right Thing to do - Rick Party (recipient of the VOICE 2008 Community Award for bringing the voiceover community together through his networking website,
  • Those Who Dance are Considered Insane by Those Who Can’t Hear the Music - Penny Abshire

In addition to these amazing articles, you’ll also get the complete rundown of the VOICE 2008 presenter schedule, the hotel floorplans for the conference and exhibit hall, and more.

The information in the
VOICE 2008 Magazine/Program
is worth at least twice the price!


You can purchase the full-color, 86 page VOICE 2008 Magazine/Program by itself for $25 (plus s/h) by clicking on the order buttons below...


If you purchase the VOICE 2008 compilation DVD-Rom, you’ll not only get MP3 files of more than 26 hours of conference programs, but you’ll also get a copy of the VOICE 2008 Magazine/Program, all three conference workbooks, the official VOICE 2008 Show Bag, and more!

Order your copy of the VOICE 2008 Magazine/Program by clicking on a button below. Or CLICK HERE to learn more about the VOICE 2008 compilation DVD-Rom.

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