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Acting and voiceover, by their very nature, can be “part-time” work requiring a “real job” to make ends meet. The resource below can help with lots of opportunities, insider tips, and useful videos. — Find hundreds of printable job applications, online employment forms, and videos. If you’re looking for a job to support your voiceover or acting work, this website can help. - Job application info, forms, resume samples, and much, much more. This is a great resource of information for alternative jobs to support your voiceover work.


San Diego, LA, Chicago, New York, and Internet: - (San Diego) Jacquie Lowell’s improvisation classes are considered to be the best—and most fun—in San Diego. - (San Diego) “Secrets of Screen Acting” on-camera acting classes for adults and kids taught by 20-year professional director and actor Terry Ross. - (San Diego) San Diego acting and performance classes - (San Diego) San Diego on-camera acting classes

Acting class Los Angeles - - Find Best Acting Classes at Stuart Rogers Studios in Los Angeles. - (Los Angeles) The Acting Corps offers the original Actors’ Boot Camp, a 4-week, every day, in your face Meisner based acting program. Faculty is comprised of currently working professionals who have taught Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Eminem, and Claire Danes. 818.753.2800

Bruce Hickey acting classes - (Los Angeles) 323-653-9607. Bruce is the original Danny Zuko in GREASE and an award-winning director, writer, and acting coach for over 20 years.  [email protected]t - Stuart Rogers’ Studios has trained actors with his unique style of instruction, guiding them to artistic freedom and performance excellence.


THEATER ARTS—ACTING TECHNIQUES—RESOURCES: - A resource for aspiring actors to help get more work by improving audition techniques. Many ideas can be directly applied to voiceover. - Free online acting lessons and thousands of links to resources and information on acting techniques. - The Acting Resource Center @
Articles & resources for actors include info on getting  a talent agent or manager, guides to all the acting community discussion online, advice on pictures, acting classes, mega-guides to free scenes and monologues, and auditions and casting call boards online.  Plus an Artists Quote of the Day section with inspirational quotes geared specifically for those pursuing artistic careers! - Joni Wilson’s outstanding website for on-line voice training designed to improve your singing and performance voice. Breathing, pitch control, and warm-ups are just some of the lessons included on Joni’s Virtual Voice Coach site. (see for more of Joni Wilson.) - Bob Fraser has been part of the Hollywood acting community long enough to have just about “seen it all.” His monthly free newsletter is packed with tips and ideas for actors, and his “You Must Act” E-Book is one of the best resources available for actors. -   Free Acting Tips and . Get thousands of tips for succeeding as an actor, and over 20 monologues to help you win that big role. Learn everything from how to get an agent to how to kiss on stage. - ABWAG - An Alternative to "The Method"
"The Method" is a traditional form of training for actors.  The ABWAG site presents an alternative system of training that takes an entirely different approach for the actor to find character and emotion.


RADIO TRAINING: - Broadcasters Training Network. Training for DJ’s, News Anchor/Reporter, Talk Show Hosts, Sports, and Production Engineers. - Train for jobs in radio.


RADIO SERVICES & RESOURCES: — The “Biteman Prep Sheet” for radio DJ’s. 15 pages or more of useful information and material for radio personalities. — information, products, training and resources for radio personalities.


TV AND RADIO JOB LISTINGS: (some may require membership) — job listings in radio and TV — jobs in radio and TV


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