Greg Phelps wrote in with the following comments:

Hi Mr. Alburger,

I read your book and enjoyed what I read and I learned something as well. I've been doing voice work off and on since 1980... more off than on. But, like the 1000's of other's out there trying to do voice work, I thought I'd try and give it a go full time.

I'm finding it's not that easy to do. There is a lot of work to get work and a lot of competition. I'm not telling you anything new I guess. Just wanted you to know that I did learn something from your book and enjoyed reading it. Drop by my site, and say hello sometime. Who knows maybe one day with practice and perseverance, I might make it!

Greg Phelps (GpStudios,

Here's my reply:

Thanks for writing. Glad to hear you've learned a lot from my book. Yup! Voiceover is show-biz with everything that goes along with that. As you've discovered, it does take work to get the work. However, I suggest you not consider the other voice actors out there as competition. The reality is that producers book voice talent on a very subjective basis. A voice actor can be extremely good with many years of experience, and still lose the gig to someone just starting out, simply because the newbie's voice fits the image in the producer's mind. Happens all the time!

I prefer to subscribe to "The Bigger Pie" philosophy of the National Speaker's Association. While most people view work opportunities from a position of "lack," or competition, "The Bigger Pie" philosophy states that as more and more people become available for the same work, there is also at least a proportionately similar increase in available work. The traditional point of view is that as more people enter a work force, the pie gets smaller, with each person receiving a smaller piece of the pie. Why not change your point of view - why not just make the pie bigger? In the world of voiceover, there are new types of voice work and new opportunities created every day. And, because voiceover talent is usually booked on a very subjective basis, there really isn't any "competition" in the traditional sense. Competition, in a business sense, implies that those vying for the same job have at least similar qualifications and ability. As a voice actor, your voice is unique to you, and you will be the ideal talent for many jobs that will not be appropriate for other voice talent. Your only real competition is with yourself to become the most professional and versatile voice talent you can be.

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