The Fear of Failing

A question from Tony:

Dear Penny,

Thank you once again for taking time to talk with me. I'm very interested in your Chicago Workshop. I want you to to know there is no doubt in my mind I'll get more than my money's worth - it's just about coming up with the money! Also, even though deep down I know I can do voiceovers, really convincing myself is another issue .Like fear of failing. Your words of encouragement really helped. You are very inspiring! I hope to see you in Chicago and possibly taking some private coaching with you and James.


Here's Penny's response:

Dear Tony,

Thanks so much for your nice card. It was great talking with you on the phone. I hope you can make it to the Chicago Workshop, too.

You know, I put off doing my first workshop with Jim for almost a year after I decided I HAD to do it. Part of the delay was financially based. It's a big "chunkchange". But I must admit that an even larger part was my fear of failing. We all have it and it can absolutely paralyze us and keep us from doing the things we really want to do.

Here's a thought for you... have you ever stopped to think that other people think very little about you, your life, your successes OR your failures? That is, after all, why we are so concerned with failing, isn't it? What other people think is so darn important to us! The real shocker is when you finally realize that they could care less! That's because they are way too concerned what you (and others) are thinking about them! When you come to grips with the fact that the only person who will be concerned with your failure is YOU, then you can start forging ahead toward your dreams. You start to think, "So what if I fail? Isn't it better than never having tried?"

The catalyst for me getting to that first workshop was this one thought. "I'm already 47 years old... in 10 years I'll be 57 years old! But if I do this right now, in 10 years I'll still be 57 and I'll be working at something I love instead of in an office that's killing me!" That did it for me. If I failed, I failed but BY DARN, I was going to try! I've never regretted for a moment spending the money.

When the voices in your head start talking to you (you know, with all the negative stuff), just acknowledge them, thank them for their opinion and then tell them to SHUT UP! You're going to do whatever is best for you regardless of what they think! It sounds kind of silly, but trust me - it works!

If finances keep you from Chicago, I can certainly understand. But, please don't let it be a lack of self-confidence or fear of failure. That, my friend, would truly be a shame.

Take care and keep in touch!


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