What Do You Put in the Envelope as a Follow-up Letter?

What should be in the envelope for a follow-up post card? (for an agent after 6 weeks) and how big should the envelope be?

That’s a good question.

A follow-up letter or post card is just that . . . a follow-up. The sole purpose of the follow-up is to keep your name in front of your prospect or to remind an agent that you exist. The size of the letter, envelope, or postcard is not as important as the fact that you are mailing something to your contact list on a regular basis.

When following up with an agent, make certain you ask them during your initial call when (or if) they would like you to follow-up. Some agents will specifically tell you NOT to follow up, and that they will contact you if they are interested in representing you. If an agent suggests you follow up in a month, then DO NOT send them anything or call them prior to that time.

A follow up to a potential client or prior client is intended to be a gentle reminder that you are available. Content can be anything from a simple "hello" or "thank you" to a more elaborate sales message that promotes your services.

The whole idea of a follow-up mailing is to keep your name in the mind of your prospect or potential client. A well-designed mailing piece can be something your prospects will want to keep handy for when they need your services. If you're sending a follow-up letter, make sure your stationery has a professional appearance and that you are using good quality paper and envelopes. When you give the appearance of a professional business person, you will be perceived as professional - send out a poorly written letter or post-card and you'll often be perceived as someone who is just starting out and doesn't know what they are doing.  

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