The Holidays Aren’t Just for Relatives...
They’re for Clients too!
Danielle Seadia

As a voice actor, the holidays are a time to thank past and present clients. In this world of endless emails and automated voicemails a personal touch like a handwritten card can be just what the client ordered. This business is all about relationships and if you skimp on connecting with your clients at holiday time then you've missed an opportunity to make a very important connection. Being thankful for the opportunity to have worked on a project will get you farther than any marketing campaign. It's a fact that repeat business is the best business and the way you get the repeat business is by showing up, doing your job, exceeding the expectations and then following up. We all love to be recognized and praised and what better way to show a client how much you appreciate them by giving and a card or a gift. Or a card and a gift! The truth is that people like to work with people they like and they way you get people to like you is by liking them.

By giving your clients attention and expressing gratitude you will find yourself in a love relationship with those you work with rather than resenting them for not giving you the break you wanted. This time of year is all about sharing too so if a client asks you for a referral to other voice talent don't be stingy instead share the wealth and give another voice actor and opportunity to shine. Same thing if a fellow actor asks you about clients you've worked with and wants names of places to send his demo. Share and share alike. This is a great time to help another and in the end you will be helping yourself. Even though this industry is extremely competitive there's no need for your actions to reflect that. Remember you are unique with your own unique style and nobody can take that away from you. There's always someone looking for exactly what you've got and at this time of year keeping in mind the abundance that's really out there rather than the lack will take you and your career to a more joyful place. Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to You and Your Clients!

Danielle Seadia is a National Voiceover Talent and Voiceover Coach

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