Living Your Dream
Sherri Berger

We are all filled with visions of what we would like to achieve in our lifetime, but we are afraid to reach for our dreams.  Did you know that fear is the single biggest reason most people never achieve their goals or realize their dreams?

There are two primary reasons we fear pursuing our dreams:  Fear of failure and fear of success.  Many of us will subconsciously sabotage opportunities with negative beliefs:  i.e., “I don’t have the intelligence or experience”… “I just know I’ll fail if I try”…“I’m too old”…“I’ll be embarrassed if people know that I failed”…etc.

If we could only convince ourselves that what we can dream we can achieve, we would be able to reach beyond our grasp.

Considering the times we win as opposed to focusing on the losses is a positive step toward believing in ourselves…and believing in ourselves positively is the first step toward achieving our dreams.

Work at stretching your capabilities to the fullest, giving up the comparisons and jealousies.  Compete only with yourself, but don’t be too proud to accept help and advice from experts.


That is not to say that losing means you are a loser, or that winning always means you are a winner.  Real winners are people who may lose as much as 70% of the time, but they keep trying when their efforts fail, constantly moving forward looking past the rejection.

So, how do you succeed?  Take some risks.  Don’t be afraid to experiment outside your comfort zone.  Rely on your judgment and wisdom.  Listen to your intuition.  You are smarter than you think.

Realize that when you take risks, you will stumble.  Give yourself permission to stumble, but remain encouraged. Turn your negatives into positives and remember, out of failure comes the knowledge of what NOT to do in the future.

Few of us are ever taught that failure is a stepping stone towards success.  If we can understand that concept and accept setbacks as part of our natural course in life, we can more freely succeed in the pursuit of our goals.

Keep in mind…success is a journey, not a destination.

Good luck!

Sherri Berger is a very successful voice-over professional and teacher in Chicago, Illinois. Visit Sherri's website at

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