I Want Success... And I Want it Now!
CW Powers

We all know Rome wasn’t built in a day. In fact, they’re still working on it, even as we speak! A voice acting career isn’t constructed in a day, either (although you are going to have to hurry it along faster than 2,500 years.) So even as sincere as you are about getting your career off the ground, you can relax a little.

Fact is, there are a lot of things to do to get your career launched and thinking about all of them at the same time can be overwhelming. And that’s not good, because being overwhelmed can easily cause you to slow the progress down to an amble, rather than reaching the nice brisk walk needed to accomplish it all.

Here's something to try: 

First, sit down with a pad & paper and thoughtfully work out your custom Priority Schedule. Depending on your own work situation, family responsibilities, budget, and eagerness to be recording real gigs, it’s going to be somewhat different for each actor.

Second, understand that you don't need to have absolutely everything 100% in place before you’re a working actor.  Sure, there are some items higher on all priority lists than others – e.g. you do need a computer and a microphone in order to audition on the Internet. But say, the business cards could wait a week. Yes, you will want marketing items, but they can fit into your program later. You have your voice, you have the training, and you’re practicing every day (right?!)  You ARE a voice actor, right now.  Start thinking in those terms.

Third, consider what one thing you can reasonably do today – and then do it. Just take one day at a time. Or every other day. Or something substantial this week, then something next week. Or any combination of these. We all have rhythms in our daily lives, and they’re always interrupted – daily – with flexible need-to-do-right-now responses.  Still, with a steady pace, you will get there!

Fourth, remember – this is a fun business – enjoy the journey! 

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