Voice Acting: Living the Life
Chris Wagner

You're a Voice Actor!  You’ve either just started training, taken a number of classes, gotten your first few gigs, started making some nice income, or not.  Yeah, you're a Voice Actor.  But are you a Voice Actor only when you’re trying to get a job, or has this new endeavor become a part of your everyday life?

What am I talking about?  Are you using the skills that you have learned in your classes and putting them to use each and every day of your life?  Think about it:  You've taken great training, and if you don’t use it then you will lose it.  That’s bad, especially if you did have a good experience in training and were highly motivated by it.  If that happens to you, you can always go back for inspiration by taking another class, or just shrug it off and go on having wasted that money you invested in yourself.  So why not just do it?  Put your skills (whether they are newly learned or hard won on the job) at the top of your mind.  Live your life as a Voice Actor!

Every time you present yourself, whether it’s picking up the dry cleaning, checking out at the grocery store, or trying to get customer service people to return a call you can and should use your Voice Acting skills!  Think about it, talking to someone with a nice sound, that's clear and interesting tends to make communication easier.  Using you Voice Acting techniques will help you express yourself more effectively and make your message, whatever it is (from a simple conversation to serious negotiations), more readily acceptable to another person.

Ever heard that there's no such thing as a "second" impression?  No matter what the outcome of your interactions, people will always remember you for something!  Why not have them remember you for your voice?  And of course somewhere in your conversations the fact that you are a Voice Actor will eventually surface (and it better if you're ever going to be successful in this business!).  You never know who you’re talking to.  He could be someone looking for a Voice Actor, or she may have a friend who is looking to hire a Voice Actor for a project, or he may be a part time producer… you get the idea.

Additionally, if you really start to use the techniques you've learned (whichever ones you choose to use on a daily basis) they become second nature to you.  Sure, there will be times when it might seem like you're always ‘on’ but in this business you need to be able to switch on and deliver at a moment's notice.  Of course you’ll want to keep up with daily vocal exercises and doing some reading aloud as well.  You must ALWAYS be ready to perform - in any venue!

ANYTIME you have an audience, take a moment to shine and make a lasting impression!  The seeds you plant today will bloom in the future beyond our wildest imaginings!

Chris Wagner has been in the Voice Acting business since 1987, he also works for Sun Microsystems, Inc. as a Knowledge Engineer, and a primary voice talent for Sun’s educational and marketing departments.  Chris is originally from San Diego and now resides in Denver, Colorado.  To contact Chris, see his banner ad above or go to www.websbychris.com.  Chris is the web designer for our MagicInet.com hosting service. MagicInet.com hosts websites for voice talent and specialty performers. An excellent example of a simple one-page voice talent site with demos is www.pennyabshire.com. If you are looking for a website host or designer.

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