Rehearsing with an Audience

Question: I was just wondering if it would be a good idea to have my wife listen to my rehearsal sessions and give me feedback.

Penny's answer: Rehearsing your script and getting feedback from "another set of ears" is always valuable. I'm sure your wife can give you some good comments. But keep in mind, she is not a radio producer who hires voice talent. If you are asking for feedback from someone who really doesn't know what they are listening for, it can end up just being a validation that they like what they hear. Even though that feels pretty good, it' won't help you grow as a performer. And when it's a loved one doing the listening? Well of course she'll like what you've done - she loves you

Here's another suggestion: It's going to be very important that you learn to hear what you sound like and how to make adjustments without getting direction from someone else. In today's technological world, it is even more important that voice actors know how to "self direct. "Very often you will be asked to record tracks without any direction from the producer. Being able to hear yourself (with a critical ear) is essential. So, I would suggest that you find a way to record your rehearsals and then listen back to them - and determine what you could have done differently - as a "third party" so to speak. This will do much more for you than anyone else's opinion (except a director or producer, of course).

If your wife wants to help (and bless her for that), here are some things she can listen for and comment on after you've delivered your script:

  • Did it sound as if you were speaking to just one person?
  • Did you sound like an announcer or did it feel like you were trying to sell her something?
  • Did it feel like a real conversation?
  • Was there enough variety in your pacing and your voicekeep her interested in what you were saying?

A spouse who is genuinely interested in your choice to be a voice actor is GOLD - hold on to her, Bob! Hope this helps!



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