10 Tips for Your Continued Success!

Your happiness and success
can be determined by the way you think!

Here are 10 ways to help you get going!

#1 Choose to be positive. Optimism is a choice. Make a commitment every day to be positive. If you can choose the uplifting side of life - why wouldn't you?

#2 Use empowering self-talk by using words like "How can I", "It's possible", "It can be done" instead of "Why me?", "Not again" or "This always happens to me!"

#3 Exercise daily. Choose something you like and stick to it! Your body AND mind will thank you for it!

#4 Surround yourself with positive people and get the negative ones out of your life (or at least at a distance)!

#5 Find balance in your life. Limit your news intake each day. Stay informed by focusing on positive news. Read at least one inspirational story or quote each day. Be grateful for all you have.

#6 Focus on your posture. When you stand, walk or sit with good posture, you'll not only feel and look better, but you will also radiate self-confidence.

#7 Know that setback are NOT forever. Keep the larger picture in perspective and remember that situations change constantly.

#8 Don't personalize problems or rejections. Events will happen that are outside your control - try not to internalize them.

#9 You can only control YOURSELF. You simply cannot control what other people do or say, but you (and you alone) can control how you react to any given situation.

#10 Think positively and expect positive outcomes! Your ultimate success and happiness in life will not be determined by the setbacks you encounter, but by the setbacks you overcome, learn from, and then continue onward.



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