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Getting Started in Voiceover
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This area contains our archive of articles from our Art of Voice Acting Newsletter and other information for the voice actor. If there is a subject you don’t see here, or would like us to write about, please contact us.


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Getting Started in Voiceover - James Alburger


If you’re in a hurry to break into voiceover—especially for cartoons—you absolutely MUST read the following two articles by Mark Evanier before you do anything else. You’ll also find tons of other valuable information on Mark’s website at

Voice Work—Frequently Asked Questions
POV (Point of View) - Starting in voiceover


       1. Voice acting tips and warm-up exercises
       2. The Brilliant Backstory
       3. How to deal with a booking that conflicts with your personal values
       4. Setting Voiceover Talent Rates
       5. Your Best Guess
       6. Studio “Lingo”
       7. Overcoming the Demon Called “Nervousness” (Penny Abshire)
       8. Vocal Variety - “I know what I meant... Why don’t you?” (Frank Shapiro)
       9. On producing your first voice-over demo
     10. Dealing with excessive copy and grammatical errors
     11. Tips from Nancy Wolfson
     12. From the Mail Bag
     13. Setting up an Internet VO Business
     14. The difference between “voice-over” and “voice acting”
     15. Questions on Demos
     16. Cold Killer Tea (a homeopathic cold and flu remedy)
     17. Accents in Voice-over (Susan Berkley - used by permission)
     18. Bob Jump on auditions
     19. What if?
     20. Classified Ads—Beware of Scams
     21. Voice Acting is NOT a Competitive Sport!
     22. Cold and Flu remedies
     23. Breaking In To The Business of Voice-over
     24. Practicing to Become Excellent
     25. Contracts
     26. Your Unique Selling Proposition & Copyright/Trademark issues
     27. Thought Pacing
     28. Accent Reduction
     29. Are Your Words Working For you... Or Against You?
     30. How NOT to get an agent! - Chad Gracia used by permission
     31. Dropping Ends of Words—The Cork Exercise
     32. Warm-up Exercises to Help Create a Believable “Reality”
     33. Justify Your Choices!
     34. The Voice is a Terrible Thing to Waste (or Lose!) (Joni Wilson)
     35. Living With Your Voice (Gigi Mitchell-Velasco)
     36. Setting Your VO Talent Fees as Someone Just Starting Out
     37. Tell Me, Don’t Sell Me (Penny Abshire)
     38. From 20+ Years of Voiceover (Bruce Hayward)
     39. Multiple voices in an Internet dialog audition
     40. What about my accent? And, should I join the union?
     41. Radio as a path to voice acting
     42. On-line Talent Listing Sites
     43. The Bigger Pie
     44. Questions about Demos
     45. VO Coaches and Unions
     46. Promoting Your Business On-Line (Peter Drew) August 2004)
     47. Music in Demos
     48. The Fear of Failing (Penny Abshire)
     49. Starting Your Own At-home Voice-over Business (Peter Drew)
     50. Getting Started in Narration Voiceover (Penny Abshire)
     51. Setting Your Voiceover Rate Card
     52. Is it Too Late to Start in Voice Acting?
     53. Basic Voiceover Marketing Questions
     54. The Importance of a “Pre-sentence” (Debbie Munro)
     55. The “Identity Way:” How to Feel Great After an Audition (Roger DeWitt)
     56. A Question Regarding Demos
     57. Audition Etiquette (Penny Abshire)
     58. How Much is that Studio in My Bedroom? (James Alburger)
     59. Directing Terms—Pt. 1 (Marc Cashman)
     60. Directing Terms—Pt. 2 (Marc Cashman)
     61. Directing Terms—Pt. 3 (Marc Cashman)
     62. What am I doing wrong?
     63. Acting is Acting is Acting . . .
     64. Four Ways to Capture Your Audience (Penny Abshire)
     65. A Question About VO Jobs - “I’m no spring chicken…”
     66. Interrupt, Engage, Educate, Offer—a follow-up article to #64
     67. What do you put in the envelope as a follow-up letter?
     68. Holidays aren’t just for relatives! (Danielle Seadia)
     69. You, Your Voice Acting Business & The Web (part 1) (Chris Wagner)
     70. You, Your Voice Acting Business & The Web (part 2) (Chris Wagner)
     71. Keep the Day Job
     72. You, Your Voice Acting Business & The Web (part 3) (Chris Wagner)
     73. Living Your Dream (Sherri Berger)
     74. I Want Success… And I Want it NOW! (CW Powers)
     75. What to Put on Your Demo (Penny Abshire)
     76. The Voiceover Financial Limbo Dance (Chris Wagner)
     77. What is “Focused Core?” (Penny Abshire)
     78. Voice Acting: Living the Life (Chris Wagner)
     79. Dealing with shyness
     80. The Characters in My Pocket (Penny Abshire)
     81. Controlling Loud Screams and Yells
     82. Rehearsing with an Audience
     83. Prima Donna or Professional?
     84. Does What Other People Think Really Matter?
     85. CD Demo Packaging
     86. Facing Fear
     87. Avoiding Colds and Flu
     88. Should I Voice That Political Ad?
     89. The True Art of Voice Acting - (Stefan Chinell - Sweden)
     90. Voiceover or Voice Acting? The Importance of Proper Training
     91. A System to Unlock the Door - (Raleigh Pinskey)
     92. What the Elephant and the PR, Branding, Publicity and Marketing Expert Have in Common (Raleigh Pinskey)
     93. Never Rely on a Spell-Checker (Mike Harrison)
     94. News Flash: 10 Tips for Your Continued Success (Penny Abshire)
     95. It Ain’t Just Talkin’ (Mike Harrison)
     96. An Interview with Mary Baker - voice actor (Judy Steidl)
     97. How to Keep Those Warm Vocal Tones All Day Long
     98. Ten Things to do to Get Started in Voiceover
     99. Do I Really Need a Web Site to do Voiceover?
   100. Delivering Your Files
   101. Listen me a Picture



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