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IMPORTANT: This area of contains links to various websites that offer auditions or casting services. Most of these sites have free access and include on-camera, stage, and voiceover. Due to the nature of on-line audition services, we cannot vouch for the credibility or legitimacy of any of the sites below. If you discover a website that charges you a fee to audition, please let us know. Some legitimate websites will charge a membership fee that will give you access to lots of audition opportunities. However if a producer is charging a fee to audition for a specific project, it is most likely a scam.

For more resources like these, visit our Representation links area.

AUDITION & CASTING SERVICES—US: - auditions in New York and Los Angeles - casting and audition notices from the number one magazine resource in the US - on-line casting and audition notices - auditions and casting for acting and voiceover - audition notices - membership site connecting performers and casting directors. - acting, modeling, movie auditions, and casting calls for actors and actresses. - a comprehensive resource for the production industry, including casting notices. - membership journal with 24/7 audition hotline

AUDITION & CASTING SERVICES—UK: - Casting Film: The No.1 Casting Agency for British Actors and Casting Agents. UK's leading casting resource to film, theatre and television companies seeking vetted, experienced and professional actors

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