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LISTINGS OF TALENT AGENTS - LA AREA: - listing of Los Angeles VO agents.

LISTINGS OF TALENT AGENTS - ALL AREAS: - listing of US talent agents, all areas 

VOICE ARTIST LISTING SERVICES - listed alphabetically by domain  

These sites are not agents, but some may represent talent on a commission basis. Some charge for a listing. A service that charges for a website listing and takes a commission for work booked through that site may be operating illegally in some countries (double-dipping). is providing this listing as a service to voiceover talent and is not responsible for any warrants or representations made by the owners of these services: - Fee-based membership voice talent listing service for professional level voice talent. - UK voice talent membership listing service (see also - voice casting and production services maintaining a pool of voice talent. - for a nominal membership fee you’ll have access to audition opportunities. - a comprehensive search engine for the production industry. - voice actor listings and demos. - premiere production company that will occasionally accept new voice talent. You must have ISDN to be considered. - representing 500 voice talent in 40 languages with ISDN capability. Talent must meet specific requirements to be listed and represented. - voice actor listings and demos offering voice talent in 21 languages. - UK based voice talent listings. There is a one-time fee to be listed on this site. - for an annual fee you can subscribe as a member to receive audition opportunities. They do not represent talent as an agent and booking fees are paid directly to the talent with no commission taken out. - India based free voice talent listing and resources service for English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Arabic, French, Mandarin/Chinese, and Spanish speaking voice talent. – membership on this site is free through your talent agent. This is an excellent resource site for listening to VO demos from top talent. - on-line membership voice talent listing service for professional voice talent. - free and paid listings for voiceover talent and audition service. - The VoiceOver Directory – International Voice-Over Business Directory - Worldwide voice talent & voice-over industry services: studios, production & multimedia companies, instructors, copywriters, audio engineers, casting directors, creative teams and more. - UK Voiceover directory and casting. No annual fee or membership fee. Instant casting online. Professional production house. - UK Voiceover directory website, pay to be featured, free to search for talent. - for a nominal membership fee you’ll have access to audition opportunities.

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