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NEWSLETTERS, E-ZINES, SUBSCRIPTIONS: - sign up the FREE VoiceActing Academy News & Information Blog. Please include your full name and city. - Dan O’Day’s Advertising and Production newsletters - Roy Williams “Wizard of Ads” Monday Morning Memo is an excellent resource for the study of advertising techniques. - Inside Voiceover & The Voice Coach newsletters from Susan Berkley - A great site by Rick Gordon. Sign up for his FREE newsletter—always full of great information. - sign up for their FREE newsletter - Radio and Production magazine - you might find this interesting (subscription) - Backstage magazine (subscription)


NETWORKING RESOURCES: - This is the main site for Women in Animation. From here you can move to the regional chapter websites. Membership to Women In Animation is open to all professionals working in any and all aspects of the art and industry of animation. WIA is also open to students who are currently enrolled in an animation program.


FORUMS, DISCUSSION BOARDS, ETC: - Free resume page, forum, tutorials and auditions for amateur voice actors. (not affiliated with - Craig Crumpton moderates this discussion board for fans of voice acting. - a very active Yahoo group - a Yahoo group for aspiring voice actors. - a place to talk about voiceover acting. - Open to anyone. Another useful discussion board.


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