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www.virtualvoicecoach.com - Joni Wilson’s outstanding website for on-line voice training designed to improve your singing and performance voice. Breathing, pitch control, and warm-ups are just some of the lessons included on Joni’s Virtual Voice Coach site. (see www.joniwilsonvoice.com for more of Joni Wilson.)

Acting Magazine—The Ultimate Guide to Acting - www.actingmagazine.com - Here’s a great resource for actors, featuring articles, tips, news, and performing techniques.

Toon Zone - www.toonzone.net - Tons of information and forums on Comics, Animation, Anime, and anything Toon!

Toon Zone Forums - www.forums.toonzone.net - Take this link to go directly to the Toon Zone Forums area.

TweakHedz Lab - www.tweakheadz.com/guide.htm - Guide to building your own home studio. Get your questions answered about microphones, recording equipment, cables, and everything else you need to know about setting up your own home studio.

123FileConvert - www.123fileconvert.com - Convert PDF to Word, Word to PDF and batch convert images with 123FileConvert PDF & image converter. Free Trial. PDF to Word software converts PDF files to Word or .rtf (rich text format) with the capability of converting chosen or all pages. 50% OFF.

PDF files from Word - www.pdf-file.com - PDF to Word converter free trial download. Fast, easy-to-use and affordable at $19.99. Step-by-step easy PDF file conversion. Multilingual PDFs can also be converted.

Career Organization Software - Protalent Software - www.protalentsoftware.com  - The total career organizer for performers for Mac, Windows, PalmOS and the industry's first Windows Mobile.

Dave & Dave, Inc. - www.everythingvo.com - Dave Sebastian Williams publishes the Los Angeles Voice Over Resource Guide with everything you need to know about the voiceover business in LA.

DMOZ open directory for voice-over and related services - Here you’ll find web pages for voice talent, production companies, voice-over training, anime voice-over, and lots more.

BearManor Media - www.bearmanormedia.com  - If you are interested in classic radio and television, or nostalgic and entertainment books, you’ll definitely want to visit this site. Lots of specialty books on old-time radio shows and voice-artists like Daws Butler.

Comedy-O-Rama - www.comedyorama.com - Joe Bevilacqua’s website of classic comedy. Joe is one of the top VO actors in Los Angeles. You’ll find lots of valuable resources on this website.

POV On-line - www.povonline.com - Mark Evanier is a producer/director of animation in Los Angeles. He also moderates a panel of professional voice-actors each year at the San Diego Comic-Con. Just about everything animation is included on this website.

Mailing Labels for Actors - www.pro-labels.com - If you're an actor, this is a great resource for mailing labels for agents and casting directors on both coasts. Their prices are very reasonable. For voice-over labels, look in the MERGED LISTS category.

GotPrint.com - www.gotprint.com - great prices on printing for business cards, post cards, etc.

Pure Postcards Printing Services - www.purepostcards.com - Pure Postcards does excellent printing at very good prices.

Musician's Friend - www.voiceacting.com product pages - Audio equipment for building your own home studio. You'll find everything you need from microphones, to mixers, to speakers, to acoustic materials.

On-line Communicator - www.online-communicator.com/toppage.html - Includes training tools to develop vocal skill, plus annotated, downloadable voice performance samples for study. Also explores artificial voice synthesis and its implications for human actors.

The Microphone Vault - www.themicrophonevault.com - A comprehensive online archive of vintage, and contemporary microphones.We have photos, descriptions, user comments, and other helpful information on classic vintage microphones as well as current models.great resource for microphone research.



www.audiotools.com - general info with links to manufacturers

www.homerecording.about.com - home studio basics

www.andyneill.com/home_recording_studio.html - home studio basics

www.humbuckermusic.com/jul5th20buil.html - home studio basics

www.tweakheadz.com/guide.htm - guide to home studio 

www.tweakheadz.com/16_vs_24_bit_audio.htm - This article is a thorough discussion of digital bit rates, sample rates, and how they affect audio quality and file size.

www.homerecordingconnection.com/news.php?action=view_story&id=28 - Part 1

www.homerecordingconnection.com/news.php?action=view_story&id=29 - Part 2

www.homerecordingconnection.com/news.php?action=view_story&id=30 - Part 3

www.tweakheadz.com/choosing_a_mixer_for_your_studio.html - choosing a mixer for a home studio


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