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Producing a voiceover demo can be expensive, and you definitely get what you pay for—but only if you’re working with an experienced demo producer and studio! We do not recommend producing your own demo and we strongly suggest that you do not produce your demo until you are certain that you are ready. Don’t rely on someone else to tell you when you’re ready for your demo. Only you can make that determination when you are confident that you have competitive performing skills and understand how the business works. Before scheduling any demo production, make certain you have mastered your voiceover performing skills and have your marketing plan in place. A demo is your primary marketing tool, and you should hire experts to help present you at your absolute best. Make sure you hire a producer and studio that know how to work with voice talent and are aware of the current trends in voiceover. Ask to hear demos produced for other talent, get a clear explanation of all costs involved, and then ask more questions. Don’t base your selection of a demo producer on price alone—an inexpensive demo session will quite likely be a waste of your time and money. If a voiceover coach encourages you to produce your demo after taking their 6 or 8-week course, that coach may be more interested in your money than in teaching you how to be successful as a voiceover talent.

There are many more demo producers than those listed here. The following producers and production companies have an established reputation of producing excellent voiceover demos. (NOTE: Some of the companies listed do not produce demos.)

VoiceActing Academy -
James Alburger's production company specializing in producing highly effective voiceover demos for commercials, narration, and audio books. James and his partner Penny Abshire also create, write, voice, and produce radio commercials and audio for film and television. They also present seminars on how to use voice and acting techniques for effective communication. For examples of VO demos produced for our students, please click here.

Blupka Productions (Susan Blu - Cynthia Songe) -
DEMO - Producers of voiceover demos for commercial, animation, promo, and narration.
Susan Blu is the author of Word of Mouth.
13223 Ventura Bl.
Suite G
Studio City, CA 91604
Studio: 818 501-1258
E-mail: [email protected]

Edge Studio -
DEMO - Full service recording studio, voiceover training, demo production
307 7th Ave. - Suite 1007
New York, NY 10001
Toll free: 888-321-EDGE (3343)
Direct: 212-868-EDGE (3343)
E-mail: [email protected]

ElDorado Recording Services -

From improving the simplest home studio to building the ultimate voice over booth and studio of your dreams, ERS is your one stop shop.George Whittam has the experience, patience, flexibility, and knowledge to get you over those scary technical hurdles so you can get productive and impress your clients. Yes we’ve worked with Howard Parker and Don LaFontaine, but we’ll work with VO studios at all levels and budgets.

Steve Harris -
DEMO - Steve is an accomplished voice actor who has been teaching voice acting and producing VO demos since 1984. For more information contact him at:
The Art of Voice
New York City
212 517-8616
E-mail: [email protected]

Dick Orkin’s Radio Ranch - - Dick Orkin is perhaps one of the best know performers and producers of creative radio commercials in the US. If you ever have an opportunity to take a class or workshop from him - do it!

Cashman Commercials - - Producers of radio commercials. Also offering classes in voice-acting.

Marc Graue Recording Studios -
DEMO - LA’s top voiceover recording studio. They also produce excellent VO Demos.

MJ Productions -
DEMO - MJ Lallo is an award-winning producer and voice talent in Burbank, CA. She holds regular classes in commercial and animation voiceover, often with guest directors, and produces VO demos.
E-mail: [email protected]

Media Movers, Inc. - - Full service localization company offering services in dubbing, subtitling, voiceovers & production in Asian, Indian & European languages.
Contact: Lawrence Vishnu
E-mail: [email protected]

Antland Productions -
Roy Yokelson
New York, NY, Bloomfield, NJ
917 642-9999 or 973 338-7338
Email: [email protected]


Cavalier Studios - UK
Cavalier Studios is a leading video production company offering the best corporate and business video production, professional voice overs  & DVD authoring services in the UK.

Melbourne Video Productions -
David Jenyns provides video production services for story videos, testimonial videos, web videos and more.


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This is a fairly complete directory of production services in Toronto, including voice-over talent and facilities.

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