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Important information
for choosing a VO coach

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Voiceover coaches are included here for reference only. Although we do personally know many of the coaches listed here, and we’ve even trained with several of them, we do not recommend one coach over another as you will learn something from any coach. There may be some coaches listed  whom we would not recommend because of their business ethics or coaching philosophy. However, those coaches are included here because our purpose with this listing is to create a comprehensive directory of voiceover coaches - not a list based on our personal preferences. Each coach will have their own teaching style and philosophy and it is up to you, the student, to determine the best instructor for your needs. A coach with whom we do not agree may be the ideal coach for what you need to learn.

Selection of a voiceover coach is a personal choice that may require a substantial investment of time and money. We encourage you to ask lots of questions, speak to former students whenever possible, and learn as much as possible about the coach and their program as you can before registering for any voiceover class or workshop. If a coach includes a voiceover demo as part of their training, we suggest you find another class, as that coach or business is probably more interested in your money than in teaching you marketable performance and business skills.

As with any other acting or performance course, completion of a voiceover workshop, course, or seminar is not a guarantee of employment or representation in the voiceover industry.

If you know of any voiceover coaches who are not listed, please send us an email so we can get them added to this directory.

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