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If you have spent any time on this website, you know that our purpose here at is to provide you with the most complete information possible on both the craft and business of voiceover. We do this because we want you the be the best voice actor you can be.

Our philosophy is what we refer to as “the bigger pie.” Rather than look at the voiceover business as one in which it is difficult to get work because of immense competition, we prefer to look at this business as one in which there are constantly new opportunities for voiceover work. We believe it’s counter-productive to constantly be going for a “piece of the pie.” So, instead, we believe the pie just keeps getting bigger.

In order to tap into the huge “pie” that is the voiceover business, it is vital to have an arsenal of resources at your command.

That’s what this area of is all about.

Click through the links at the right to discover a world of resources you may have never know existed. If you discover we’ve missed something or if you know of a VO coach or related business you think we should include here, please let us know.


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