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Success Stories

We love to share the success of our students. Here are some of the letters we’ve received:

I hope this email finds both of you well. Let me first start by apologizing for being a stranger. I made my demo in August and I haven't been back! It feels like just yesterday, but it's been eight months! I should really do better at keeping in touch. San Diego is only a 2 hour drive, but sometimes it feels like a world away. Please always know that I cherish both of you as my teachers and surrogate parents. Your nurturing and caring nature gave me the confidence and tools I needed and helped build foundation that will always be at the core of my voice acting ability. For that, I will be forever grateful!

After I made my demo in August life began to speed up. A lot of projects got started at work, and as you know, the wrestling commentary and ring announcing that I did took up a lot of free time. Something hit me, though. I realized that I had become stuck in a rut. I felt that my voice over career was becoming stagnant. I was content to sit back and rely on my wrestling gig and wasn't really pursuing anything else in the voice over world. I had a $1500 demo and was doing nothing with it. At that point, I made a choice. I decided that I would finish my wrestling commitments through 2007 and retire from the world of professional wrestling. I wanted to start 2008 with a renewed and focused purpose to become a successful voice actor. I finished off the year by going back to Japan at the end of December for the New Year Holiday. New Years Eve in Tokyo was a blast!

2008 started off with a nice surprise. In January I was called in to do some walla work at Bang Zoom Entertainment in Burbank. They are one of the premier voice over/ADR houses in LA for Japanese Animation (Anime). While I was there, I asked if I had to have a character demo to be on their house reel. To my surprise, they said no! All I needed was to list someone in the in industry who had previously worked for them as a reference. Fortunately, I met a guy through Bob Bergen's "Vox on the Rox" named Kyle Hebert. Kyle has been very busy in the Anime industry within the last four years. We quickly became friends. He was more than happy to let me list him as a reference for Bang Zoom. Networking provides both friendship, and work! Gotta love it!

After I auditioned for Bang Zoom in February, Kyle told me to put the audition out of my mind. It could be weeks or even months before I heard anything back from them. A couple of weeks later, Kyle came through again, and hooked me up with an audition for a very cool project. I auditioned for the role of the main protagonist and main antagonist of a HUGE 75-episode Anime. The mere fact that I got to audition was cool in and of itself, because it was an "industry only" and word of mouth audition. When I got there, it was hard for me to contain my glee, because SO many of the successful VAs in anime today were there auditioning for the same roles I was! That's when elation quickly morphed in to fear because I realized that these people were also my competition! No matter, I tried to put that thought out of my head,  went into the booth, and tried to knock it out of the park. The jury's still out on that project, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The title is hush-hush, so I can't divulge the name of the series at this time. But trust me, it's HUGE!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I got a call out of the blue... it was Bang Zoom! Apparently, I made it on to their house reel and I was being called for a part! A small part, but a part nonetheless. I even got my own parking spot! (See attached pic) I will be featured in an anime entitled "Tweeny Witches" on the Volume 3 DVD set (episodes 15 - 19. I've been cast as a "warlock warrior." Only about 5 lines per episode, various grunts and groans, but it was an awesome experience, and it should open up the door for more projects down the road. The DVD is due out some time in September.


If you recall, when I walked in to the AOVA class in May 2006, I stated that my goal was to become a voice actor so I could do voice over for Japanese Animation. Two years later, I can proudly say I've accomplished that goal. It feels awesome to set sights on a goal that some may consider "lofty" and actually achieve it. Many thanks to you, Jim and Penny, for your help, words of encouragement, and helping me to realize my dream!

The next step is to get a featured role in a series, Japanese or American! For now, I will enjoy my success, but I will continue to work hard and persevere to reach that next plateau.

Love you guys!
          Mike Aguirre

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MABUHAY! How are you? I hope you still remember me. I'm one of your avid follower here in the Philippines. I would like to reintroduce myself again to you my master, I'm Pocholo "The VoiceMaster" Gonzales, founder of CreatiVoices Productions,

It has been three years when we last contact each other. I've attached your letter three years ago so that you will remember me.

I'm happy to inform you that because of your advice to me, I have created a lot of changes here in the Philippines. I have professionalized the voice over industry by educating the old and new voice over talents about the importance and the art of voice acting.  I personally, would like to tell you that because of your book and your principles I have shared your ideals with my fellow voice talents, voice artists, dj and dubbers here.

That's the reason why the Society of Young Voice Artists of the Philippines or (SYVAP) was born.  Promoting Voice Acting as an Art Form.

Once again, with all my heart Thank you very much sir.!

I also became a board member of the Advertising Suppliers Association of the Philippines and I represent the voice talents to the Advertising Board of the Philippines.  Now, the irony of the voice artist having no voice has been ended.

I also would like to express my intention to represent my fellow Voice Artists here in the Philippines to your upcoming VOICE 2008. It has always been my dream to meet you, Penny and the rest of Voice Over professionals there in the U.S.

Sir, I just want to ask a favor if this is not too much, can you send me an invitation as an observer to this years VOICE. Kindly please tell me what should I do to be part of VO history.  Sir, It would be a great honor to see and talk to you in person and to hear you more so that I can share more of your ideals and principle to my fellow Filipino Voice Artists. I'm also dreaming that we can invite you here in the Philippines.

Last but not the least sir, I want to buy the latest copy of your book, please kindly sign it with your dedication and hope to have a discount hehehe.  Sir, can you send and website where I can place my order.

Sir, hope to hear from you soon and I am now soliciting for my airfare going there.  I am hoping that you could help and guide me with this.

God bless you always and regards to Penny.

Hope to see you soon.

Best regards,

Pocholo Gonzales
CreatiVoices Productions


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