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The Art of Voice Acting Workshops

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Brilliant! If every actor could take this course—WHAT A CHANGE!
Debbie Munro (Edmonton, Alberta Canada - voice actor & coach) is a wonderful and credible resource for learning the Art of Voice Acting or anything else that requires or relates to speaking to an audience, of any type. Insightful and fun,'s many and varied workshops and guest speakers help you "dig in" and bring out your "Voice," whether you're a novice or a pro. I feel incredibly fortunate to have so close by because I always learn something new and stimulating from James and Penny each time I attend! I always recommend their classes and tell everyone who asks about breaking into a voice-over career that James' book, "The Art of Voice Acting" (now in its third edition) is required reading.
   Bobbin Beam - Voice Actress for Broadcast & Business


I have had the pleasure of actually being under the tutelage of James Alburger & Penny Abshire as a student of their VoiceActing Academy (

It has always been a bit of a dream and goal of mine, to become a highly sought after voice actor. As a radio personality, I’ve created a pretty amazing group of characters in my repertoire, and have been told many times over that voice acting is "thee" field I need to nurture and follow.

Now as a guy who’s been in radio for over 10 years I used to think:  ”Hey! I'm ready! I’ve got it made. What do I need to know?” Well… let me tell you what you need to know... and that’s ANYTHING that James Alburger & Penny Abshire can teach you. I got advice from the late, great Don Lafontaine about James and was told to pick up his book The Art of Voice Acting, which I promptly did.

 got the third addition, I read it, and eventually got around to hitting a Masters Class with Jim and the lovely and talented Penny Abshire. I haven't looked back since! The bottom line is this: if you’re in radio, you can, and most likely do, have what I'm going to "offiicialy" dub "announceritis". If you’re thinking about working in voiceover, this is something you definitely need to fix. Even if you just want to be better on the air, you need to know what Jim and Penny can teach you.

James and Penny have taught me A LOT in just the past year alone through tele-conferences and of course their workshops and books. If you don't have at least ONE copy of ANYTHING Jim has written, then you my friend are taking the long way around. If you’re trying to "cure yourself" of announceritis, then by all means read what Jim has to say! Then study with him and Penny.

Trust me! You'll ask yourself why you didn't do it sooner.
      Mike "Haze" DeJesus
      Production Director/On-air Personality - WLZX, Springfield, MA


I just want to tell you how much I appreciate the time you give to each one of your students. I always felt that you were "right there" with each one of us, through our blunders and successes. I appreciated the focus being on learning and honesty; and always, I loved that we could laugh while we learned. The two of you complement each other so well.  Both of you know how to take charge and move on so there's little time for distraction from why we're all there – not always easy to do - and you two do it with such feisty grace (is that an oxymoron?).
     June Gottleib, San Diego


I would like to thank you for spending your time coaching me. The training that I received from you is so valuable to me that I use it at work all the time. As a Captain and narrator for Hornblower Cruises & Events, I have found that your training of the A, B, C’s of voice acting and giving an effective performance is essential for what I do. Conducting a harbor tour from the bridge of a ship without the guests being able to see you for the most part is definitely voice acting. You have given me the tools I need to perform that part of my job in a skillful way. This is shown by the compliments I have received. Many of the guests on my tours have come up to me at the end of the cruise and have said “Was that you that was talking? Because that was great!” That kind of feedback helps me know the training works. I continue to work on it all the time. Thank you and I look forward working with you again. Thank you.
     Jose Gurgangus - Captain, Hornblower Cruises, San Diego


Firstly - thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing Intensive workshop.

So… I've been writing to all my 'classmates' during the day and now, last but not the least - I'm writing to you. Well, kinda like saving the best for last :)

I got home yesterday at 3am, and am still struggling to get back to East coast time.

Ideas from the Intensive have been dominating my thought process ever since I returned, and I plan to put them to work as soon as I can! I'm also looking forward to the conference call this weekend.

Reading Jim's book was eye-opening, but attending the 3-day Intensive was like icing on the cake. I think you both are such grounded, helpful and inspiring people. Thanks to the Intensive, I  brought  back with me - the positive energy, the motivation to do better… apart from the insightful tips on voiceover technique, cool branding and marketing ideas, and of course - my new improved commercial demo!

I hope to imbibe your ideas into my work and hopefully be seen out there more prominently!

It has been so wonderful to meet you both and learn from you.

Thanks once again
     Rupa Krishnan, Jersey City, NJ


It's just after 1:30am. The flight got in just a bit ago.

My first desire was to fire up the mic and put my new knowledge to practice, but I guess I'd better wait until morning light.

Thank you both for your generosity of time and spirit and knowlege. You're changing lives. What an awesome power to have.
     Lowel Deo, Seattle, WA


Jim and Penny, I had to let you and everyone else know how valuable I think your workshop is. You are both consummate professionals whose love for their craft comes out in everything you do, especially when teaching. Thank you for your insight and skill. You work so well together, understanding what you are listening to and just what direction is needed to get the best out of each performer. I am amazed how you are able to pinpoint what needs work yet never step on each other or make any student feel anything but the need to smile. This, as well as your own talents, is a true gift. Thank you for sharing it with others and helping us develop our love of voice into a marketable ability. Your workshop is a place to explore, grow and always feel safe and encouraged. You create an environment which welcomes all regardless of background. What a tremendous amount of knowledge you have! Thank you for sharing it through your courses, website and by creating the incredible expo, VOICE. I can’t wait to attend. You enrich the lives of anyone who works with you. Again, thank you.
     Sheri Alford (San Diego, AOVA 8-week Grad)


In February 2003 I took your introductory class offered through the Learning Annex.I’m one of those people who’ve always heard “You should do something with your voice,” so I decided to check it out through your class.I bought your book, which you signed “Live your Dreams!”, and I wanted to contact you to let you know what’s happened as a result of your encouragement.

Shortly after I took your class. I moved to Orange County, and I took some voice-acting classes there. I’m a full-time practicing attorney so had to juggle the voice-acting with my practice. I got to the point where I felt confident having a demo CD made. And while family & law practice have continued to take up the bulk of my time, I’ve also slowly begun to concentrate more on the voice-acting as well. I’ve sent out a few demo’s on request but haven’t blasted every agent in the area, I know that’s not likely to be fruitful. ’m taking it slow and easy as I ramp up.

Today, as a direct result of your encouragement, I’ve done a video-game, a corporate training presentation, have just finished voicing St. James and St. Stephen for an upcoming audio version of the King James Bible (and will be called back to do some of the Old Testament), and yesterday was asked to audition to record a full-length thriller novel that’s coming out in June. is more fun than I ever imagined. I’ve even had people tell me they think I ought to try on-screen stuff.

I’ve also moved back to San Diego, and would like to take you to lunch sometime if your schedule allows. This is a sincere invitation, with two purposes. First and most importantly, I’d like to say thank you for giving me the kick-start I needed. Second, I’d just like to hear from you about what’s going on in the San Diego area re: voice acting, and hear any suggestions you might have for me. I’m not going to ping you for a job or anything like that. I’d just like to talk to someone who knows the market in the area so I can focus my own efforts appropriately. And who better to do that than you.

I do hope we can get together, I would really enjoy being able to talk with you again and to thank you in person. Hope to hear from you soon.
     Best regards,


Regarding Private Voice Acting & Business Performance Coaching

I just can’t thank you enough for the wonderful coaching session you did with me this fall!

I’ve been a working voice-over artist for about 7 years, and after spending just an hour with you, it has transformed the way I interpret copy. One of the greatest lessons I learned in our private session was about creating a “cast of characters,” to have in my pocket to draw upon. And, with small changes to my characters energy, delivery style, dialect, etc., they can be called upon to voice any type of copy I’m presented with.

I especially loved the part where I actually BECAME the character and stepped into his shoes! Great, great, learning experience.

Also, I have to say I just loved your style of coaching – very positive and fun, with plenty of humor thrown in.

Thanks again so much Penny, and I’m really looking forward to your group workshops as well.
     Maxine Dunn, Denver, CO -


Thank you so much again for your awesome advice on the power point and presentation tips! Speaking with you and listening to your online session made a huge difference in my approach and the presentation as a whole. Thank you.

I went through my PowerPoint and scaled down a lot, which totally changed my presentation and allowed me to really speak from the heart, rather than read lots of text on a screen. I did as you advised and picked a "person" who really needed to hear what I had to say… in my head and then when I was there totally saw that person in the audience! There was only a small crowd around 40 -50 but the facilitator said they were a "most attentive" audience.

The feedback was very enthusiastic and positive, and the organizers have asked me to do another presentation at the next 2 events upcoming in 2007.

This event was the launching pad for my involvement with this company and more events in the future, based on the feedback they received from the audience.

With Much Gratitude! I look forward to working with you again.
     Elise Zotos


Regarding our June 2006 Edmonton, AB Canada Weekend Workshop

I can't thank you enough for the great course this past weekend. It's amazing how much you packed into those two days and I can't believe how much confidence it instilled in me AND how much enthusiasm it left me with! have a lot of work to do, but I'm looking so forward to "daring to suck" and just playing and being silly! just tried out "Lulu" on my best friend at work. She couldn't stop laughing and was flabbergasted and surprised when she answered the phone.:)

Penny, your stories about how you dealt/deal with the negative voices in your ear came at a perfect time for me. It was also SO inspiring to hear how you got your start.

James, your positive attitude and calm nature made it so easy to take direction and learn from you.

Both of you have this wonderfully positive outlook on life and the voice business and you share everything with us! When I decided to get into this business, I assumed that people who were successful would not be willing to share vital business information with me, and first I find Deb, who then leads me to you two! What a blessing!

Take good care!
     Shannon Walline

Random comments regarding our workshops:

. . . Still chasing VO's here in Houston, utilizing what I learned from you and Jim in Chicago last year.'s still the best workshop I ever attended.only wish there were someway I could do an entire eight weeks with you.

Scott Feighner - Houston, TX (Chicago workshop 2004)

Regarding our Denver 2005 Weekend Workshop:

... any other coaching I get will pale in comparison!  Thanks again for a wonderful experience, and I look forward to working with you again some time.
     Lindsey Pierce - Denver, CO


I must thank you again for the amazing workshop you gave here in Denver this past November (2005)...this was without a doubt one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had... even counting the time Mrs. Butterfield taped my mouth shut in 1st grade music class. (That’s where this all started, you know.)

Your willingness to explain ideas in great detail and your obvious enthusiasm for your field of work was utterly infectious! It only served to confirm my feelings about working in voice acting… I Just Gotta Doit!
     Carol Maul - Denver, CO

Regarding our 2006 8-Week Workshops:

I want to thank you all for the fun times and making what would normally be a boring 8 weeks into something I will never forget. I wish the class would never end, sort of like in a space time continuum so my mother would forget that she asked me if i had a job yet the week before, so on and so forth. I wish everyone the best of luck in your future endeavors, and to break a leg! ( with broken legs it would be quite hard to make it to the studio and record... so I'll save you the trouble and go instead ( <insanely evil laugh> ). Thank you all.
     John Parron (San Diego)


Regarding our 2005 8-Week Workshps:

Going through the first 8 week class was amazing - I learned so much, about the voice acting business, training my own voice, and how fun it is to meet & work with other people interested in the field, both of you and the students. I took pages of notes, in addition to having the text & workbook.

Who could have predicted that the second 8 weeks would be every bit as fresh, exciting, & valuable {more & more pages of notes} and introduce me to such another terrific group of actors?! It did all that.

As instructors, you're extraordinary! You know the business, you know acting, and you know & care about people.  You drew our class together, out of our shells & eagerly onto the microphone.  I think we were all, by the last few weeks, having fun performing for our classmates' recognition as well as for your direction & approval. We made friends.

You might have noticed how reluctant we were to leave the studio last Tuesday night, standing in the lobby laughing, reminiscing, & talking about our futures.

That's in large part due to you & your morale building & caring for your students.

Thank you for it all.
     Craig Powers (San Diego, CA)

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Had a great time with you all over the course of events... thanks for all your guidance and your support - and knowing that the support is on-going feels so wonderful!!
     Liv Kilgren (San Diego, CA)


I really enjoyed the class. You and Jim are a great team. I hope you two will have me ready for my demo before we now it. I really want to hit the ground running.
     Greg Gjerde (San Diego, CA)


Just wanted to thank you and my fellow classmates for the wonderful experience of learning about the voice acting business, and more importantly, about what I am capable of achieving.

Despite my obvious discomfort, and a thousand reasons those "voices" tried to tell me about why I should not continue, I was compelled to return each week, not only for the opportunity to learn about voice acting, but also by some of the philosophies you shared with us.

I've always believed that when the student is ready, the teacher will find him, so for me, at least, there were many more lessons to be learned than just voice acting.

Thanks once again for the gentle nudges outside of my comfort zone, and the opportunities to explore what is possible.

I'll be taking a bit of a break to concentrate on a 7 day a week work schedule for a while, but will be attending some advanced classes after a much needed vacation in October, so I look forward to having a chance to work with you all again soon.

     Chris Brown (San Diego, CA)


The entire class was so incredibly motivating and informative. I feel that I am well on my way to a great career in voiceover thanks to Jim and Penny!
     Mary Baker (San Diego, CA)


This workshop is outstanding and is well worth the money! James Alburger is an awesome coach and goes out of his way to help his students be brilliant!
     Oliva Barroner (San Diego, CA)


Fantastic! Everything I had hoped for and more!!!
     Craig Powers (Grand Haven, MI)


This workshop has given me so much more insight about myself and my own acting skills. I’m very thankful for everything I’ve learned. Interestingly, this workshop not only aided my acting, but also my singing abilities. The sweep, warm-ups, and over-articulation exercises all helped improve the quality, range, and clarity of my singing. In turn my increased vocal range has helped mw improve my voice acting through warm-up and technique.
     Bobby Thong (San Diego, CA)

Regarding the San Diego Art of Voice Acting Weekend Workshop—March 2005:

Wow James—how can I thank you for all you’ve done for me! I am so proud and honored to call you my mentor. If I have half your success and generosity, I know I’m doing extremely well. You set a precedent for those of us in the industry, and for those of us wanting to be a genuine, fun, valued and wonderful human being.

I can’t believe what you’ve shared with me in such a short time and I can’t thank you enough for allowing me this most honorable opportunity. One of the best experiences in my life. Thank you.
     Deb Munro, Voice Talent & Voiceover Coach (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)


Thank YOU Penny and James both for a really great experience. Your positive direction and encouragement were outstanding. I've been in touch with Elra here, and he really hit the ground running and being in touch with him has inspired me to get moving on this as well. So, yes, having friends doing the same thing really does help.'mto read James's book, re-listen to the CD and practice, practice, practice-- cork and all.  I hope to see you again soon. And thanks again.
     Tom (Phoenix, Arizona)


Bonjour from Baltimore (or as they say here, Balmer)...

Just wanted to thank everyone for an eye (and ear) opening experience in San Diego last weekend. What a blast! James and Penny were inspiring and giving. There was a lot of talent in that room. All the best in your future pursuits - stick with it!
     Jay Buck (Maryland)


Hello All!  I echo those kudos! It was a great weekend, I really feel much better prepared as I start out on that long voice-acting road ahead. Thank you again to James and Penny, and to everyone in class! I'd have to say that I learned something from everyone of you. Best of luck to all of you, and let's stay in touch!
     Mark Dargis (Minnesota)


Regarding James Alburger’s appearance on a tele-conference for Susan Berkley’s Inner Silver Circle:

Hello,(Berkley) - I heard one of the donuts I did again on the way to work this AM.think the out of the box, forget whoAM and build the box around the character technique I learned from James Alburger, will be a great help to me in the next audition/session I get called on.very much have a great weekend.
     Larry Jackson (Susan Berkley’s Silver Inner Circle)


Hi Susan - (Berkley)

I really enjoyed Jim's insight into the core elements of a v/o performance. I had jotted down a question at the very beginning of the call - "when producing a spot, what things mark the sign of a pro, versus a dead-giveaway that you're workinga"? And by the end of the call, it was answered- the person who can master the 7 core elements in a read IS a pro. I'm in the process of choosing copy for a new demo CD, and you can be sure I'll be going through this exercise thoroughly with all the scripts I consider. Thank you for bringing Jim in for the call - I'll be reading his book.
     Tosia (Susan Berkley’s Silver Inner Circle)

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Regarding James Alburger’s 1-day workshop in Vancouver, BC:

James Alburger assisted me in clarifying the core elements I needed to focus on during production of voice over sessions. into James’ experience and knowledge would certainly help a Voice Actor serious about their craft.
     Adrian Vershinin (Assistant Producer, Electronic Arts)


Technical. Detailed. Excellent. His Emmy's speak for themselves, but you can't ask for any more out of a Voice Acting class (except if James was here for a whole week!), and James' years of experience both behind and in front of the mic is invaluable. I enjoyed it thoroughly!
     Robert Young CTV


 (Alburger’s) seminar was truly valuable for developing voice techniques, and for learning how to market one’s talent in the business – concise, insightful and enlightening.
     John Pifer, Vancouver freelance broadcaster/voice actor


After all these years working in television it was really terrific to meet someone who works so hard at perfecting the craft of voice work. James Alburger showed me three different procedures to try, and I've used them all in my work already. Thank you for inviting me, One Stop Voice Shop.
     Deborah Goble, Reporter 'Canada Now' CBC Television

Regarding the AOVA Home Studio—Demo & Marketing workshop:

First of all, I just wanted to thank you for the “Building Your Own Home Studio” workshop. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot! But what I really wanted to thank you for is your willingness to always give us more than is expected! You share your knowledge and time unconditionally and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it. Thank you, thank you!
     Lissa Henige, San Diego


Regarding personalized private coaching from James Alburger & Penny Abshire:


I’ve wanted to find an opportunity to thank you for the support you have given me in pursuit of my new career and life in the media business. Through my participation in your class, both you and Penny have given me a great start in becoming proficient in voiceover. My appreciation certainly extends to her as well, but I wanted to thank you specifically as you have given me advice, encouragement, and support in more personal ways outside the scope of that class alone. Our conversations about your life experiences, career in media, and the struggles you’ve encountered building your own business have been inspiration and encouragement to me. I am also aware of the many referrals and recommendations that you have given to others in the industry on my behalf. I know this reflects not only your generosity as a person, but also your faith in my abilities, which is a great gift of confidence to someone struggling to make big life changes. You may not realize it, but you have made a contribution to my life that I value greatly, so before I belabor the point too much more, let me just say thank you Jim for all your support.
     Robert Mason, San Diego


This email comes to express my many thanks to you and to Penny for your awesome coaching! I received the news telecast roll for a large ministry called The Potters House here in Dallas, Texas.

Your honesty, patience, and with me in the tele-coaching session was invaluable. I was able to make the necessary adjustments to my delivery both verbal and physical based on your expertise.And it paid off!

Now please don't think that I no longer need you, because I certainly will! Your training and expertise has truly offered me much more than what I received from the classes I took here at a local institution for 8 weeks.

From you, I gained insight about where and where not to include inflections and the purpose of inflections, timing, speaking to a person rather than just into a mic or teleprompter, and developing a back story. Thanks a million.
     Rozlyn Geason, Television News Anchor


I want to thank you for the lessons and time you spent helping me improve my speaking voice. Although I have not done voice acting I do speakto groups of people numbering from a few to a few hundred. You gave me the tools to use my voice as an instrument and not just a noise that comes from my mouth with the hope that some one understands what I am trying to convey. I have spoken to groups from a convention in Dallas Texas to meetings in California I am also the Chairman and on the board of directors for the pest control industry, orange county division which is the largest division with 130 members. Also I am on the board of directors of the property management association. All of the above require speaking to groups of people and not just speaking but getting a point across and holding their attention. That is where your training comes in. Even though I am speaking directly to the audience I use the methods of voice acting to communicate to the people and hold their attention. So---Thank You and maybe I can give you a boost if you want to get into the Orange County area.
     Jerry Bryant, San Diego, 2003


If I haven't thanked you a half a dozen times already for the Chicago Weekend, let me just say, THANKS one more time. It was the best training/guidance I'd ever received during my varied career.

I've done two narration sessions since attending your course, and each time I utilized the techniques I learned in Chicago. At the second VO session, I was doing a Voice-Over for a 3 minute video which will be the opening video for a convention being held in Utah. It was a last minute addition to what I'd already received and prepared for. I drew upon everything covered in Chicago and got through the script in just 15 minutes. Once as a dry read, once as a real read, then a couple of pick-ups. Essentially it was one take. The producer, a friend whom I've done work for previously, said afterward that he noticed a significant difference in my comfort level and working style. Also, he noted that it was interesting to watch me in the booth because I appeared to be having a conversation with someone invisible. The direction he had when we did the pick-ups was to "Get Off The Stage."Apparently I had for just a moment near the end of the script gotten on the stage and was talking to the multitudes, instead of conversing with the one person.

I mentioned to Penny during our weekend together that when the VO is going just right, when I'm hitting all the emotional buttons, and I'm truly in the moment, everything around me completely vanishes. This is what happened during this past weeks session.

I now see myself having a successful Voice-Over career and I have you and Penny to thank for the confidence boost.

Next up is to finish the Demo, and get agented so I can live the "exciting live of a VO actor."

Thanks for all your help.
     “Scoot” Feighner, Houston, TX—voice actor (Chicago Weekend 04)


You are a dynamic team that I feel blessed to have met! Your workshop in Chicago was professional yet personable, informing yet enjoyable, and your talents and knowledge are unquestionably vast. Thank you for a caring approach to your workshop and those attending.
     Melissa Hoffman, Gahanna, OH—voice actor (Chicago Weekend 04)

Regarding James Alburger & Penny Abshire’s  appearance on WGN Radio 8/19/04 with Tim Dadabo and Doug James, interviewed by Milt Rosenberg:

To get almost a couple of hours o' insight from the four of you was a blast, and I really appreciate all of your generosity in sharing with us. Even better, I really like watching and listening to professionals who are genuinely having fun at what they do -- and it really sounded like the four of you were having fun last night! I think the interview is what is called, in The Biz, "a keeper" ... ;-)

Thanks again for sharing and for each of your websites. I look forward to running into all of you sometime very soon!
     Adam Creighton, Actor

Regarding our 2004 Art of Voice Acting Chicago Weekend Workshop:

Hi! I stumbled upon your website this morning, and was wondering if your students receive your newsletter if they've attended one of your workshops. I was in your workshop in Chicago back in August. I've got corks lying around the house and it's all your fault! My business is going very well for me in Toledo, OH. I went online here this morning to search for cover letter examples since I'm going to try and get in with a couple of the talent agencies in Detroit. Wish me luck!
     Jody Zink, Toledo, OH


. . . I'm a great fan of your book and your approach and have recommended your material to our clients for years. I had already planned on including your workshop to our clients in our monthly newsletter in July. I look forward to speaking with you on the phone even though I won't be able to attend myself...I had hoped to do so when I first heard of it. This is wonderful for our clients! Traditionally we don't deliver a workshop in August so this will certainly assist our clients keep their game up.  I'm certain your workshop will serve to fortify the training we deliver.
     Kate McClanaghan - Sound Advice-and- Big House Casting & Audio
     Executive Producer/ Casting Director


I was just writing you to give you a big THANKS for the best voice over site around. I emailed you months back a voice sample and you were totally generous with your advice. Since then I made my demo both dry and with music and started sending them out. So far only five, but have gotten one good response and one job! My first job was not what I expected, in fact it

was a character role and I really thought my voice was more the phone prompt, commercial voice. The studio that made my demo up here in the bay area played my demo for a production company making an educational video game, they heard something they liked and hired me without an audition. I was nervous that I was in way over my head. The minute I put

the headphones on I became "Sophia" artificial intelligence officer. It was about 7 pages of script and I did it. Only once did my leg shake, and after I took off my shoes I felt much better.  I really felt like I had been doing this forever. I wanted to give thanks to you, because you give so much great advice and support to beginners.  I worked with a private coach a couple years

ago and he was paid and didn't teach me as much as you have for free. I hope to someday meet you and shake your hand. Thanks again.
     Theresa Cossman (Feb. 2004)


Regarding our San Diego 8-week and Weekend Workshops:

Thank you for the sum-up email. You are on it! I am excited to learn all that you share. I appreciate your professionalism towards the work, towards us. I am impressed and honored and totally excited about this class. My first block is to lose myself in the characters. I have been personally connecting to experiences where I feel I am bound to that one experience. Then create the character and the visualization of A (audience). Thanks again. Your time and effort is very supportive, encouraging, I see you and Jim walk your talk which is inspiring in itself. Thanks.
     Wyatt Wegrzyn, San Diego

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This week, while practicing, I inadvertently popped in a tape from one of my early sessions with you, Jim, and cringed at how embarrassingly bad I was when I started out... that feeling quickly changed to happiness when I realized how much I have improved, thanks to your tutelage and direction. You and Penny are great teachers; patient professionals willing to share your knowledge and experience. Thank you. I still have much to learn, but you make it easy.
     Dana Johnson, San Diego


San Diego was magical for me and I enthusiastically savor the possibilities presented. Thanks again to you and Penny for being such dedicated and supporting teachers. I did notice your mention of the road show in the newsletter and of course I'm still interested in being your Chicago connection!
     Linda Kellar, Chicago (Weekend Workshop, 2003)


Anika has gotten a wonderful amount of information and just an awakening to a whole other world that she never knew existed before. Thank you so Much!
     CeCe Canton, San Diego, 2004


Thank you for a wonderful experience! I had a great time, although I have identified 3 problems with your 8-week class, and they are as follows: 1) With your positive approach and words of encouragement, I walk a little taller when I leave your studio, so I bump my head when getting in my car. 2) The sun is a little brighter and it hurts my eyes. 3) I’m so wound up when I leave that I drive a little faster on my way home and once I get there, I can’t get to sleep—and I think my wife is tired of hearing of the great people I have met and how much fun I’ve been having. Thank you very much for the bumps, the squints and the need for morning coffee! I sincerely look forward to more!
     Chris McBride, San Diego, 2003


I cannot express how grateful I am for having the opportunity to study under you both.had all intentions to return your first personal e-mail, my family was very proud! The second e-mail was humbling for me because in my professional endeavors I rarely see such caring and sincere communication. From the group picture, to the certificate, including the final with Mel Hall, your commitment to making the class so complete in such a short amount time, in addition to the opportunity for continuing study is a huge value.

The positive thinking aspect set the stage! With that in mind, the workshop has helped me remain conversational and pleasant even when under stress. I guess if I fool myself, the illusion will be more real for others.
     Milton Staver, San Diego, 2003

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