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Register Now for Advanced Copy Workout!

Copy Workout:
Advanced Script Interpretation & Performance Coaching
Bi-weekly San Diego Workshop

Call 858.484.0220 to confirm space.

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  • This is an ongoing bi-weekly workshop held every other Tuesday evening from 6:30pm - 9:30pm.
  • You may join this group at any time, provided space is available. Please call 858.484.0220 before registering.

The Basics:

Our Advanced Copy Interpretation Workshop is an advanced course in the craft and business of voiceover performance. We pick up where most introductory workshops leave off. You should already have a basic understanding of our coaching techniques and what it takes to work with a script. In this workshop we will work with you to hone and polish your skills.

We’ll also work with you to help discover your niche in the world of voiceover and prepare you for your demo, if needed. A demo is not included as part of this course, but you will be working on a wide variety of scripts that present your unique performing style and might potentially be included in your demo.

You can bring copy that you are working on or that you find challenging and we will work with you on developing your style for that type of copy - any genre! Please bring three copies of any scripts.

Or, you can choose a script from our immense catalog of voiceover copy.

In this Advanced Performance Workshop, you will:

  • Hone your wood shedding and performing skills
  • Learn copy writing skills that will lead to the creation of unique copy for your demo
  • Discover your primary niche in the world of voiceover
  • Learn specific performing techniques and styles for working in areas of voiceover not covered in most level 1 voiceover workshops.
  • Learn more business skills and marketing techniques.
  • Prepare for your first demo, or rework your current demo to make it more marketable.

More Details:

  • This is an ongoing bi-weekly workshop event.
  • Maximum of 10 students accepted.
  • All classes held at VoiceActing Studios in San Diego
    • 6:30pm-9:30pm - Tuesday evenings
  • Lots of mic time working a variety of scripts.
  • There is very little to no teaching in this workshop. The focus here is on coaching for you to hone your performing and other voiceover skills.
  • Although we have tons of copy, we strongly suggest you bring at least 2 or 3 scripts each week to work on. Most weeks you will be on mic at least twice, depending on the group. If you bring your own copy, please bring three (3) copies of each script.
  • The Art of Voice Acting (current edition) is a required text for this class.
  • We will occasionally assign homework assignments designed to help you accelerate your performing and interpretive skills.
  • You will need to install DropBox on your computer in order to receive your class recordings. We no longer record to USB Flash drive and do not deliver files by email. To install DropBox, CLICK HERE ( During your first Copy Workout we will share our DropBox folder with you by sending you an email invitation. You will need to accept our invitation to add our folder to your DropBox. After each class, all recordings will appear in the DropBox folder on your computer. You can then move the files to a safe folder on your computer for future reference.


  • You must be a graduate of one of our VoiceActing Academy workshops. Our style of coaching utilizes many of the techniques we teach, which are unique to our workshops. Under some circumstances we might admit you if you’ve trained with another coach, but you would need to call us first to discuss your training and experience.

Tuition & Other Important Stuff You Need to Know:

  • Tuition is $35 for each Copy Workout.
  • Advance registration is required.
  • Register any time - call first to make sure space is available. Your seat must be confirmed by calling no later than 12 noon on the day of Copy Workout.
  • Payment by cash or check is due when you arrive.
  • Seating is limited to a maximum of 10 per class.


To register for this workshop you must call us at 858 484-0220 to verify that space is available.

Due to the nature of this workshop, there are no refunds or makeup classes.



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