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The Business of Voiceover

Learn more about the Craft of voiceover

We’ve included this page to make it easier for you to find resources that directly relate to the business of voiceover. These links will take you to information and tools you can use to increase your productivity, develop your business, and protect your investment.

We’re constantly adding new resources, so bookmark this page and visit often as you build your performing business.

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The Art of Voice Acting book: The most comprehensive book on voiceover you’ll find anywhere. More than 5 of it’s 22 chapters cover demos, marketing, and the business of voiceover. Read the reviews here.

Voiceover Articles: dozens of articles from our newsletter will help guide you through the process of building your business.

Building Your Home Studio: To work as a voice talent today, it’s almost a necessity to be able to record on your computer. This area of will show you how to set up your studio and give you lots of ideas about which equipment will be right for you.

The Guide to Your Home Studio E-Book: This E-book covers every aspect of home studio design, including a primer in basic audio and acoustic functions. A must-have if you want to record on your computer—whether at home or on a laptop.

Accept Credit Cards: Getting paid for your work is a big concern in today’s market of Internet bookings and low-budget voiceover work with clients we never meet. Accepting credit cards will help guarantee your payment and  helps to present your business more professionally.

You Need a Website: A personal (or business) web site is an essential marketing tool for voiceover talent. MagicInet is our domain name and hosting service designed to meet the unique needs of performers and voice talent.

Produce a Killer Demo: Your voiceover demo is a critical part of your marketing plan. Learn what you need to know and do to produce a demo that gets listened to and gets you bookings.

Tons of Resources: As with any other business, as a voice actor, you’ll eventually need some support services. Here’s a page with all sorts of links to web sites related to the business of voiceover.

Learn more about the Craft of voiceover


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