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Thank you for registering for
VoiceActing Academy Performance Intensive


You can return to this page at any time by logging in to your account and looking for the VAA Performance Essentials workshop. Click on the link to return to this page.


Now that you’re registered, you’ll need more information about the workshop location, accommodations, travel arrangements, etc. All that and more is included in your registration package that you can download from this page.

This workshop was either added to your existing VoiceActing account, or a new account was set up using your PayPal address when you registered. A confirmation e-mail was sent to you with your login username (your e-mail address) and your temporary password. We suggest that you login as soon as possible to update any missing information to your profile and to change your password.

As part of this event, we’ve prepared a series of webinars that are designed to give you the lecture information and preliminary training you will need to get the greatest benefit from the workshop. These webinars comprise the majority of the lecture portion of the event, which gives us much more time to work with you on-mic. Our coaching will focus on the concepts covered in the webinars, so if you do not watch them, you may feel left behind or somewhat overwhelmed at the workshop. Please allow plenty of time for each webinar... you won’t regret it!

This is important: Watch each webinar to the very end! At the end of each webinar, simply close the player browser to return to the webinar page and click on the link below the video image to take a short “quiz” that will help you to lock in the information you just learned. You are not graded and we don’t review your answers. But completing each quiz will be the best way to test your knowledge. When you click the Submit button at the end of each quiz, you’ll be returned to the webinar viewing page. The webinar page is only accessible through your member account, so you will need to log in before you can access the web page.

Your first webinar is at the bottom of this page, but please read the rest of this page and download your registration package before watching the webinar.


From this page you will be able to download important files for this workshop.


For San Diego events, please CLICK HERE for location information.

For events in cities other than San Diego, location information will be included in the links when you log in to your account. Look for the item VAA “Performance Event - City” and click on the Locations link.


We do not have scheduled breaks, but we will take a short break every 90 minutes or so. Our workshops are quite informal, so feel free to get up or move around quietly as needed.

We will break for lunch around 12:30 or so on each full day of the event. Depending on the size of the group, we may go out for lunch “dutch treat,” or we may have sandwiches or pizza brought in. Lunch will be decided at the beginning of the first full day. Please plan for $12-15 for food and beverage. Dinner after each day of the event is on your own - or we may go out for dinner as a group.


The registration package is a PDF file, so you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. You can get Acrobat Reader here.

Please follow the instructions below to open or download your PDF registration package.

TO OPEN THE FILE ON-LINE: Click on the link below to OPEN the PDF file from the web site. Once open, you can print the file or save it using the “save” icon in Acrobat Reader.

TO DOWNLOAD THE FILE: Right-click and “save target as” to download the PDF file to your desktop or a folder on your computer. (You can also download the Registration Package from your VoiceActing Academy account home page.)

Performance Essentials Registration Package
(you can also download this file from your VoiceActing Academy member account)

ADD DROPBOX TO YOUR COMPUTER (2GB of storage for free):

We use Dropbox for delivering your on-mic work during the workshop. Please follow the instructions in your registration package and install Dropbox on your computer - or just go to to download and install Dropbox. At the event, we’ll create a shared folder and invite you to join. You must accept our invitation to share the folder in order to get access to your on-mic work during the event.

Your event recordings will be available for download from our shared Dropbox folder for several weeks after the event, but we suggest you copy the files from your Dropbox shared folder to a safe folder on your computer as soon as possible. Please do not cut/paste files from the Dropbox folder, as that will remove the files from everyone on the share.

With a Dropbox account you can create other folders to share files, pictures, videos and more with friends and family. Please do not put personal files in our shared VAA Performance Intensive folder.

SET UP A GOOGLE DRIVE ACCOUNT (5GB of storage for free):

You will need to have a Google account in order to watch our webinars - but you don’t need to use it for anything else. If you already have a gmail account, your all set, but you’ll still need to set up your Google Drive account. If you use another email service (like hotmail, yahoo, aol, etc.) you’ll need to set up a new Google account. Either way, setting up your Google Drive is completely free and you get 5GB of storage to start with.

Here’s how to set up your account - don’t worry, it’s really easy!:

  1. go to
  2. If you already have a gmail account, just enter your email address and password in the login box and your done. When you go to, you’ll see DRIVE in your menu options.
  3. If you don’t have a gmail account, click on the red sign up box in the upper right corner to create a new Google Docs account. This will create a Google Docs account and will not create a gmail account.
  4. In the “Current Email Address” field, enter the email address you used when you registered for this workshop (it doesn’t have to be a gmail address, but it must be the same address us used when registering).
  5. Fill in the other required information and the “Get Started with Google Docs” section, submit and you’re done.

When we process your registration, we will add your email address to our list of workshop attendees authorized to share the webinars. If you are not already on our shared list, the first time you click on a video you will be able to request to be added to the shared list. Once we add you to the list, you will be able to log in to your Google Docs account to view any of the webinars.

Please note that you will only have shared access up to a week or so after the workshop. After that, your access to the webinar page and the shared playbacks will expire.

Just as with Dropbox, you can download Google Drive to your computer and create your own folders in your Google Drive account to share files with family and friends.


We have a pre-event homework assignment for you. Please download the pre-event PDF file by clicking on the link below.

Download the Pre-Event Assignment & Fill-in Notes here.

The FILL-IN assignment is mostly fill-in notes for you to complete during the workshop. However, we do ask that you do what you can to complete the assignments for each of the sections of the workshop. Most are simply extensions of what you are already doing (listening to radio and watching some TV). By completing these assignments prior to attending the event, you’ll be somewhat ahead of the curve as we discuss the many aspects of performing for voiceover. Plus you’ll have a few nifty fill-in-the-blanks pages for taking notes during the event.


We will have tables, power and Internet access for you if you would like to use your laptop for taking notes during the workshop.

If you have any problems opening or downloading your registration package, or if you have any questions about the workshop, please call 858.484.0220 or email [email protected], and we’ll e-mail it to you.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop.


To watch this webinar, just click on the title page image below. You will be asked to log in to your Google Drive account to get access to this video. After watching the webinar, close the player window to return here or return to your account Home page and click on the link for the Performance Intensive Webinars.

Performance Intensive
Webinar #1 of 5

Introduction to the VoiceActing Academy Performance Intensive
20 minutes


Please DO NOT click the link below until you have watched the webinar.

After watching this first webinar, CLICK HERE to go to our Performance Intensive webinars page.


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