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VoiceActing Academy Performance Intensive

The Webinar Series


The pre-event webinars on this page are designed to give you the majority of lecture content and a ton of information that will put you ahead of the curve when you arrive at our workshop.

There are roughly 5 hours and 45 minutes of lecture content that accompanies our Performance Intensive workshop. We’ve put nearly all of our lecture material into these webinars so we can focus on giving you personalized one-on-one coaching during the workshop. We’re also able to include a great deal more information in the webinar than we would be able to do if we did the lecture live.

Different people learn better in different ways, and since we don’t know what works best for you, we use several approaches to teaching our material. Attached to each webinar is a short quiz. We strongly suggest that you watch these webinars and take each quiz in sequence before you attend the workshop. Although we will review or discuss many of these concepts during our networking evening get-together and throughout the workshop, we will NOT be duplicating this lecture material at the event. Our focus for the workshop will be on coaching you individually and answering your questions to help build and develop your performing skills.


You can access this page any time prior to the workshop by logging in to your VoiceActing Academy member account. Both this page and your shared access to the webinars will expire a week or so after the workshop, so you’ll have some time to review the material for awhile after the event should you choose to do that. You’ll also find most of the information covered in the workbook you’ll receive at the event and in The Art of Voice Acting book.

To watch a webinar, just click on the title screen below. This will immediately start playback of the webinar. All webinars can be viewed full screen by clicking in the upper right corner of the player.

After you complete each webinar, just click on the link below each title screen and take the short “quiz” where you can test your knowledge of the information covered in the webinar. If you watched in full-screen mode, just click on ESC to return to this page.

And, finally, we do need to let you know that these webinars include proprietary content and are protected by International copyright. These programs are being provided to you as a workshop attendee solely as training support material for you to study prior to our event. Downloading, recording, duplication, copying, uploading, or sharing in any manner whatsoever is strictly prohibited.


Webinar #1
Introduction to the
Performance Intensive Workshop
20 minutes


There is no Quiz for Webinar #1

Webinar #2
Voiceover and Acting Basics
1 hour 8 minutes


After watching the “Voiceover & Acting Basics” webinar,
click here to take the quiz for Webinar #2

Webinar #3
The Seven Core Elements of Performance
1 hour 23 minutes


After watching “The Seven Core Elements” webinar,
click here to take the Quiz for Webinar #3

Webinar #4
The IEEO Strategy, Wood Shedding,
Acting Techniques, Tricks of the Trade
1 hour 40 minutes


After watching the “IEEO, Wood Shedding” webinar,
click here to take the Quiz for Webinar #4

Webinar #5
All About Character
1 hour 12 minutes


After watching the “All About Character” webinar,
click here to take the Quiz for Webinar #5



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