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The Studio Savvy Seminar Series
Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Home Studio... But Didn’t Know What to Ask!
5 Instant Webinars - running time: TBA (still in production)

If you have - or are planning to have - a home studio...
You need the information in this webinar series!

StudioSavvySeminar-300-72A basic requirement for any voice actor in today’s world of voiceover is a high-quality home studio. Even small and medium market producers expect voiceover talent to be able to deliver the same quality of voiceover recordings that traditionally come from multi-million dollar big-box recording studios.

The challenge is how to build that sort of facility on a budget! It CAN be done... if you know what you are doing.

The VoiceActing Academy Studio Savvy Seminar Series of Instant Webinars explains everything you need to know about your home studio in simple terms and easy-to understand language. Even if you consider yourself to be “technologically challenged,” you'll be able to assemble everything you need to create great-sounding recordings. And more important... you’ll actually understand how it all works!

This seminar series is the perfect compliment to James Alburger’s eBook, The VoiceActor’s Guide to Professional Home Recording.

Here’s what you learn from the Studio Savvy Seminar Series: (content is subject to change during production)

Instant Webinar #1 - Home Studio Equipment and How to Use it:

  • Basic equipment required for a home studio
  • Monitoring your recordings
  • Putting the pieces of your studio together

Instant Webinar #2 - Making Great Recordings:

  • Microphone basics - how they work and how to choose the right mic
  • Using your microphone - microphone techniques
  • Making great recordings - the physics of sound
  • Your recording sessions

Instant Webinar #3 - Troubleshooting Home Studio Problems:

  • Identifying, troubleshooting, and correcting problems with your home studio
  • Fixing your home studio acoustics

Instant Webinar #4 - Booth on a Budget:

  • An entire webinar on how to construct an inexpensive acoustic environment for voiceover recording

Instant Webinar #5 - Organizing and Managing Your Computer:

  • Organizing your computer’s folder and file structure
  • Downloads and programs
  • Finding your recordings
  • Delivering your projects

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Instant Webinar series is in production and is only available for pre-order through our Event Special Offers page. When completed, we anticipate the selling price for the set to be $77.



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