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VoiceActing Academy Webinar Training

As with any craft, Voice Acting is best learned through hands-on experiential training like you receive at our Performance Intensive Event and other in-person workshops. However, you can learn a lot through reading books like The Art of Voice Acting, participating in conference calls and watching webinars.

We offer webinar training in several areas of voiceover and we are constantly developing new programs.

Here’s How Our WebinarTraining Works:

  • Select a webinar from the list below for more details about the program and registration.
  • Register for a webinar from the webinar’s information page .
  • Upon completing your registration, you will be sent a confirmation email with instructions on how to view the webinar. In most cases you will be immediately taken to the webinar check-in page. You can also get to the check-in page by logging in to your VoiceActing Academy account and clicking on the link below the webinar title on your account Home page.
  • Some webinars include additional downloads or resources that can be accessed through your account or through the webinar viewing page.
  • Most webinars are available for viewing instantly or at your convenience.
  • Unlike other webinar training that only gives you one opportunity to watch the webinar, you can review our webinars by logging into your account at any time. And, you’ll never have to worry about where you put the file on your computer or losing it if your computer crashes.
  • Watch and learn.

Select a webinar you would like to study from the list below:

  • PerformanceIntensiveEvent-300-72The VoiceActing Academy Performance Intensive Event Webinar Series - running time: 5 webinars, each webinar 1+ hour: This series of five webinars with more than 5 3/4 hours of content is a prerequisite for our VoiceActing Academy Performance Intensive workshop. These webinars contain the majority of the lecture content from our workshop. What you will not get in the webinar is our one-on-one coaching. So... your subscription to this webinar series includes admission to one Performance Intensive workshop in San Diego or any city in the U.S. Attendance at a live event is not required, but is highly recommended for getting the greatest value from the webinars.
  • AuditionAbyss-Poster-300-72Avoiding the Audition Abyss - running time: 2 hours 2 minutes: Learn how to avoid more than 50 common audition mistakes that will guarantee you will NOT get the job. This webinar refers to more than 210 auditions that were received as we were casting for our VOICE 2012 commercial. If you submit any auditions for voiceover work, you need to watch this webinar!

  • Booth on a Budget (coming): Do you think you know what makes your home studio “tick?” Maybe you do, but most likely you haven’t scratched the surface of the technology at your fingertips. This webinar will explain the technology of audio, microphones, acoustics, and more - all in terms you can easily understand. If you’ve ever had a technical issue with your home studio, the information in this webinar will help you to troubleshoot and fix the problem.  Learn about home studio acoustics and how to construct a home studio recording space for less than $150.
  • StudioSavvySeminar-300-72The Studio Savvy Seminar (coming): Learn about the technical side of your home studio, including how microphones work, dealing with room acoustics, managing your computer files, building an acoustically sound recording space, and more. When you attend our Studio Savvy Seminar as part of our P.I.E. weekend workshop, you will receive access to this webinar. Or you can subscribe to this webinar separately.

  • Mastering the Business of Voiceover Webinar Series (coming): This series of webinars is a prerequisite for our Masters Class on the business side of voiceover. You may purchase this webinar series separately or, for an additional fee, upgrade to include participation in one of our live 3-day Masters Class events held twice a year in San Diego. (The live event is not included in the price of this webinar.)
  • Demo and Marketing Magic for Voice Actors (coming): Based on Penny Abshire’s popular E-book, this webinar focuses on what you need to do to prepare for your demo and what to do to market your demo after it is produced.



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