The Art of Voice Acting  by James R. Alburger
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Are you living your Voiceover dream?

If you’ve always dreamed of “doing voiceover,” then you’ve probably realized that there are at least a few things you should know about the craft and business of being a voice actor.

That’s why we created the VoiceActing Academy:
To give you access to the right information and proper training
so you will know exactly what you need to do
to be successful in the world of voiceover!

James Alburger’s book, The Art of Voice Acting is used as the textbook for our VoiceActing Academy workshop and seminar training. Many of the country’s top voiceover professionals and coaches will come to San Diego and to our VOICE convention to teach our students. Won’t you join us?

The VoiceActing Academy Curriculum:

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When you enroll at the VoiceActing Academy, you’ll receive a variety of workshop and seminar training opportunities designed to help you break into the voiceover business with the right information, performing and business skills, and most important - a plan for starting and/or developing our voiceover business. If you’re already a working voice talent, you’ll learn new skills and what you need to do to take your voiceover work to the next level.

VoiceActing Acedemy events are scheduled at various times throughout the year and not all events are available at any given time. We strongly suggest you call us first to confirm event dates and availability. The information on this and linked pages will give you the details on each aspect of our training.

Our schedule of events is HERE, on our Home page.

The VoiceActing Academy curriculum is divided into four primary areas:

  1. Webinar training
  2. Performance Essentials
  3. Advanced Copy & Interpretation
  4. Mastering the Business of Voiceover
  5. Additional Training
  6. Support services

Plus, as a VoiceActing Academy student, you can:

Please click on menu links at right for event details and tuition information.
All tuition fees are subject to change without notice.

Webinar Training

We offer a variety of on-line webinar courses and have more in development. Please visit our Webinar Training page HERE for more details.


PERFORMANCE INTENSIVE EVENT: Click here for more information and registration.
Taught by James Alburger & Penny Abshire.
Open enrollment for all levels of experience and beginning students.
Classroom training, in-studio training, and Telephone coaching.

  • 2-Day Weekend San Diego Workshop
    (includes 5 3/4 hours of webinars)
  • 2-Day Weekend Roadshow Workshop (selected cities)
    (includes 5 3/4 hours of webinars)
  • 8-Week Tele-course Level 1 (when offered)
    (1 1/2 hour Tele-conference training with coaching. One night each week for 8 weeks)

Advanced Copy Interpretation

ADVANCED COPY & INTERPRETATION: Click here for more information and registration.
Bi-weekly, currently every other Tuesday - must call us by noon Tuesday to confirm space.
Intensive coaching from James Alburger & Penny Abshire..
Must have completed our P.I.E. workshop or a comparable course from another instructor.
San Diego Advanced Class is on-going training with intensive coaching and minimal teaching.
Tele-course classes (when offered) are approximately 1 1/2 hours per week for 6 weeks.

  • Bi-weekly (Tuesday evening) intensive coaching
  • 2-Day Advanced San Diego Weekend Workshop (when offered)
    (Classroom training with intensive on-mic coaching)
  • 6-Week Tele-course Level 2 - limited to 4 students (when offered)
    (Personalized telephone coaching)
  • 8-Week San Diego Workshops - limited to 10 students (when offered)
    (Classroom training with on-mic coaching on specific area of VO)
  • Guest Instructor Workshops (when offered) - Varies
    (Classroom or studio training - details will vary with course)


MASTERING THE BUSINESS OF VOICEOVER: Click here for more information and registration
Tuition will vary depending on location
Taught by James Alburger and Penny Abshire.

  • 3-Day Intensive San Diego Masters Class
    (Friday through Sunday: 10am-10pm Friday and Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday)
  • 3-Day Intensive Roadshow Masters Class
    (Friday through Sunday: 10am-10pm Friday and Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday)


ELECTIVES (Topical):
Tuition fees will vary depending on class, length, and instructor.
Must have completed at least one Freshman Class course.

Most Elective Classes are held on a weekend in San Diego or Los Angeles.
Elective Classes may be 1/2 day, 1-Day, or 2-Day.

Some examples of Electives include:

  • The Studio Savvy Seminar - Everything you need to know about your home studio, but didn’t know what to ask! (Held on Friday evening prior to P.I.E. workshops)
  • Cold Copy Crash Course
  • Building Your Business: Marketing, negotiating, bookkeeping, etc.
  • Your “Killer” Demo
  • Your Computer is Your Friend: A Basic Audio Production Workshop
  • Wacky One: Beginning Animation & Character voiceover
  • Wacky Two: Advanced Animation & Character voiceover
  • In a World: Promo & Trailer voiceover
  • $1,000 Words: Mastering Industrial and Medical Copy
  • Please Read to Me: All About Audio Books
  • Working with the Celebrities: Special Guest Events

Advanced Support and Training

CONDUCTOR’S CLUB: Click here for details about the Conductor’s Club
Membership in the VoiceActing Academy Conductor’s Club is available to anyone interested in improving their voiceover performing and business skills. You do not need to be enrolled in any VoiceActing Academy courses or train with us to be a member of the Conductor’s Club.


The VoiceActing Academy Conductor’s Club is a membership support service designed to help voiceover talent at all levels of experience to move their work to the next level. Please visit our Conductor’s Club web site for complete details and a comparison of membership level benefits.

Tuition is TBA depending on resort location and event details.

Available only upon completion of at least two Junior Class courses or comparable training.
Attendance limited to 25 students or alumni.

  • Held at a major hotel or resort
  • 5-Days (Monday - Friday) plus optional weekends
  • 4 hour morning coaching, workout, and business development sessions
  • Most afternoons free
  • 3-4 hour mastermind sessions most evenings
  • Other benefits and activities to be announced

VOICE - The VoiceOver International Creative Experience: Click here for more information
All VoiceActing Academy graduates receive a basic discount on VOICE tuition.

  • 4 days of fun, networking, and learning new performing and business skills from the top VO professionals in the world.
  • A comprehensive exhibit hall featuring products and services to help you build your voiceover business.

Click here to see what graduates have to say about
The VoiceActing Academy Workshops

Click on these links (or at the right) for more information on our workshops and specialized training:

  • VoiceActing Academy 3-Day VO Masters Class (San Diego and other cities) - designed specifically for voice talent with some experience who want to take their work to the next level.
  • Cold Copy Crash Course - This one-day workshop is designed to develop cold-read interpretive skills. No lecture - just mic time.
  • San Diego Performance Intensive Events (San Diego & other cities) - 2 days of instruction and coaching designed to provide the novice voice actor, or anyone considering voiceover work, with the essential performing skills needed to break in and succeed in voiceover.
  • The Art of Voice Acting 8-week Advanced Copy & Interpretation (San Diego only) - This is an expanded version of our Weekend Workshop, offered several times a year for 8 consecutive weeks in San Diego.
  • The Art of Voice Acting 8-week Telecourse - Similar content to our Weekend Workshop taught in weekly 90-minute conference calls. Learn the essentials of voiceover from the comfort of your telephone
  • Personalized Coaching & Private Coaching Intensive - Personalized coaching for current professionals and others who want to take their voiceover work to the next level... quickly.
  • Business Coaching - seminars & speaking engagements for business professionals
  • VOICE - The VoiceOver International Creative Experience - A four-day conference on the craft and business of voiceover.

Classes are held on a regular basis in San Diego, and we will gladly travel to other cities when invited. Whether you want to break into voice-over, improve your on-air skills as a DJ, increase your sales through more effectively connecting with your customers, or learn new performing techniques—whatever your goals may be, we can help you to be a more effective communicator.

Click here for workshop policies and payment options.




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