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Guarantee You’ll Get Paid
for Your Voiceover Work!

As a freelance voiceover talent, this is—or should be—one of your major concerns! You deserve to be paid for the work you do, but even if you’ve got a signed contract with your client . . . it might still take 90 days or more before you receive your check. And there’s always the possibility that you may never see anything for your work. Although the vast majority of clients are honest and will eventually pay you, there are some people who will take advantage of your talent if they can.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way for you to guarantee you’d be paid in a prompt and timely manner for the voiceover work you do?

Well there is!

Now you can accept credit cards!

That’s right! As a voiceover talent you are in business for yourself. As a small business owner you will most likely qualify for your own merchant account which will allow you to accept payment via credit card.

Click here to start accepting credit cards today!

When your clients pay your talent fee using a credit card . . . it makes life much easier for both of you:

For you:

  • You won’t need to worry about when . . . or if . . . you’ll be getting paid.
  • Instead of sending an Invoice for a balance due, you can send a statement stamped “PAID.”
  • No need to wait 90 days or longer for a check that’s “in the mail.”

For your client:

  • Your client’s bookkeeping is made simpler.
  • You’re client’s won’t be faced with any payment until their regular credit card statement comes in.
  • Your clients will have the convenience of paying for your services without spending a lot of time writing and mailing checks.
  • Easier and more convenient than using PayPal or other on-line payment services.

What do I get with a Merchant Account?

As with any other business service, there are many benefits and some charges attached to a Merchant Account. By working with we’re able to offer you the opportunity to set up your own merchant account with the lowest fees and best service we’ve been able to find anywhere:

  • Accept ALL MAJOR Credit Cards on your Web site, Retail or eBay Store
  • Accept Telephone payments through your virtual terminal.
  • Funds deposited directly into your Personal or Business Checking Account
  • Enjoy GROSS DAILY SETTLEMENT of your Visa/MasterCard sales*
  • Internet accounts INCLUDE real time Payment Gateway & Virtual Terminal
  • Apply for American Express & Discover right on the Application

Guaranteed = Rates will NOT increase unless Visa/MC increases Interchange* 

  • NO Application Fees
  • NO Annual Fees
  • NO Address Verification (AVS) Fees
  • NO Leasing
  • NO Termination Penalties
  • NO Batch Header Fees

2.29% VISA/MasterCard Qualified Discount Rate

$0.30 per Transaction

$10.00 Monthly Service Fee (includes Monthly Statement)

$25.00 Monthly Processing Minimum*

Toll Free 24/7 Customer Support with FREE TECH SUPPORT

*see application page for details

Simply put . . . if you want to be able to accept payment via credit card, you need a merchant account. And this is the highest quality Credit Card Processing and Payment solution we’ve found.

Click here to start accepting credit cards today!

Here’s how you can guarantee
you’ll be paid for your voiceover work:

When you book a session, simply let your client know it is your policy that you need a valid credit card number before you can guarantee your session. This does two important things: First, it shows you are a professional business person, and second, it shows your client that you expect to be compensated in a timely manner according to your agreement.

When you book a session, you simply get your client’s credit card information, then check that the credit card is valid through a very simple on-line verification process that does not charge the card. When you know the card is good, you can accept the session with confidence knowing that you will definitely be paid one way or the other.

You’ll want to make it very clear that their credit card won’t be charged until after your session, and even then, if other payment arrangements are made (ie: a Purchase Order Number, or other contract arrangement), it still won’t be charged unless they prefer to make payment using their credit card. Their credit card is simply being used as a way to guarantee that you will be compensated for your time and talent. You may be surprised to know that many clients will actually prefer to put your talent fee on a credit card rather than spend the time writing and mailing a check to you.

Now, some businesses may not have a company credit card, or the producer for that company may not be willing to put the session on a personal card. In this case, all you’ll need is a Purchase Order Number and a contract with the company to guarantee your session. Using a credit card is just another tool you have as a business person to insure that you will be paid.

We’ve never had a client refuse to guarantee their session with a credit card—especially when they know it won’t be charged unless that is how they actually choose to pay the talent fee.

As part of your performance agreement, you can state that if payment is not received within a specific period of time (say, 30 days), you will automatically charge the credit card. This gives your client an incentive to pay you promptly for your work. Of course, you’d be wise to wait a few extra days and follow up with a gentle phone call reminder before charging their credit card.

The ability to accept credit cards for your talent fees will automatically increase the perceived professionalism of you as a business person and performer. You’ll have a powerful tool that will help to guarantee payment for your work.

Click here to start accepting credit cards today!

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