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than Just a Great Performance!

We’ve got THREE amazing tools that will help you build your voiceover business.

Learning how to perform on-mic while reading from a script is just a small part of working in voiceover.

Our goal here at VoiceActing Academy is to provide you with resources and information on how to break into the business of voiceover and become a successful voice talent.

The links below and at the right will take you to pages and web sites with information on how to grow your voiceover business, and work more efficiently. A basic description of each resource is below:

TOOL #1 - MicPort Pro: This is the perfect compliment to your laptop for recording high-quality audio “on-the-go”. It’s compact, very portable, has phantom power, a loud headphone monitor, and best of all... a great price. Whether you record on the road or in your home studio, you won’t to be without a MicPort Pro. Click HERE for all the details.

TOOL #2 - Web Hosting, Domain Names, & Tons More: It’s more important than ever to have a “web presence” if you are going to successfully promote and market your voiceover work. has everything you need at extremely good prices. CLICK HERE to visit MagicInet and get your domain or web hosting today.

TOOL #4 - A Merchant Account for the rest of us: Have you ever wanted to accept credit cards for your voiceover sessions, copy writing, or production work? Sure PayPal is great, but many people are reluctant to use it. Click HERE to learn how you can have your very own Merchant Account so you can accept credit cards for your services. It’s a lot easier and less expensive than you might think.

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As we discover new and better ways to help you succeed in voiceover, we’ll add those resources to this page. Click on the FREE STUFF menu at the left or right for even more resources for your business, including office and recording software.



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