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Login to return to this page in the future to review or download audio tracks from any edition of The Art of Voice Acting. You can also access this page from the AOVAextras menu on the main site and simply enter your First Name and Email address. You do not need to fill-in the additional fields if you already have an account (which you do.) In case you’re wondering, the first edition did not have a supplemental audio CD.

You may download any of the files on these pages for your personal use. All material is protected under international copyright and may not be duplicated or sold.


It is my intention that The Art of Voice Acting be as accurate and current as possible. If you find something that appears to be in error, please send an email to: [email protected].

It seems that no matter how many proof readers or editors there are, or how many times a book is “proofed,” at least one or two mistakes will always slip through. Following are corrections that we’ve found in the 4th edition after the first printing.


  1. In the Table of Contents, Maxine Dunn’s last name is misspelled with an “e” at the end. The correct spelling (Dunn) appears at all other locations where her name is referenced.
  2. Chapter 4: The top right hand page header should read “The Business of Voiceover: Getting Paid to Play.” The working chapter right-page header of “Chapter Title Here” was inadvertently overlooked by the editor.
  3. Page 27: The discussion of Financial Core in the section titled “Working Freelance” mentions that residuals do not apply for work done under financial core. This is incorrect! The correct sentence should read as follows:

      • There are no residuals for nonunion work. However, a financial core voice talent working under a union contract will receive the same benefits as a full union member, including residuals.


Because viewers of the Kindle eBook edition may not include page numbers, it is difficult to provide accurate locations for the errors that have been found. Here are the errors we are aware of:

  1. Chapter 14: The Character in the Copy has some incorrect formatting and typographical errors that were the result of manual re-formatting necessary for the eBook Kindle edition. I am working with my publisher and to correct the formatting and typographical errors, but we have no assurance that the errors will be corrected.
  2. Many of the full page charts and forms were scanned as low-resolution images for inclusion in the Kindle edition. At their small size, they are very difficult to read and if expanded in size become extremely blurry. It is unclear whether or not higher resolution images can be included in the Kindle eBook editon, so the full page images are included as downloadable PDF files here.


Please feel free to download and print the PDF files below for your personal use. Click on the link to open in your browser, then use File-Save to download the PDF file. Or RIGHT CLICK and “Save (Link or Target) as” to download the file to your computer. Mac users, press CTRL and click on the file to open a download dialog box. Chapter references are to the most recent edition.


To listen to or download the audio files from the all editions of The Art of Voice Acting, just click on the link below or on the menu link at the right. (Note: The first edition did not include an audio CD.) Please know that there is some duplication of content.


The Art of Voice Acting is considered by most voiceover professionals to be the single, most comprehensive book on the subject ever written. More than a dozen universities use the book as a major textbook in their performing arts programs. Each new edition contains a substantial amount of content that is not included in prior editions.

If you are actively involved in any area of voiceover and have a technique, “trick of the trade”, a process, or information you would like to share with those learning this craft, I invite you to consider contributing to the next edition. Please click HERE for more information.



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