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The Art of Voice Acting - Fourth Edition

Would you like to be part of the
best-selling book on voiceover?

If you’re a VO professional, you can be included
in the next edition of The Art of Voice Acting!

Do you have an interesting voiceover story, a special technique, or a “Trick-of-the-Trade” you’d be willing to share with those who are learning about the craft and business of voiceover?

You may have heard of me... I’m James Alburger, author of the best-selling book on voiceover, The Art of Voice Acting. You’ve arrived at this web page because you have either expressed some interest in contributing to the next edition of my book, or you are recognized as a professional in the world of voiceover, either as an agent, voice talent, producer, director, studio engineer, or as a voiceover coach. We may even know each other personally, or have spoken on the phone.

I’m wondering if you might be willing to help me?

I’m in the process of preparing the 4th edition of my book for publication in late 2010, and I’d love to include your wisdom, ideas, or stories in the book. Just in case you didn’t know... my publisher is  Focal Press (a unit of Elsevier - one of the largest book publishers in the world!) and the book is published internationally out of London.

Nearly three dozen voiceover pros have contributed material for previous editions of AOVA. For this next edition, I’m looking for at least a dozen more articles or contributions from some of the top professionals in the business. Even if you contributed to one of the earlier editions, I’d love to consider you for this next edition.

The next edition of The Art of Voice Acting will include the best, and most up-to-date information on voiceover available anywhere. Each edition has grown to include more up-to-date content with the current edition coming in at more than 400 pages. Literally dozens of the top voiceover professionals from around the world have contributed... and I’d love to include you within those pages.

You might be interested in knowing that since it was first published in 1998, The Art of Voice Acting has become one of the most recognized and highly acclaimed books on voiceover. In fact, many VO coaches and industry professionals refer to AOVA as “the Bible of voiceover,” and the book is used as a major textbook in the performing arts departments of at least a dozen colleges and universities.

Before you make a decision about contributing something, let me first tell you what I’m looking for and what you will receive as a contributor.

Here’s a short list of the sort of things you might contribute:

    • An informative article or entertaining “Studio Story”
    • Suggestions or recommendations in a specific area of voiceover work (ie. a trick-of-the-trade, warm-up exercise, software recommendation, marketing technique, or performance technique).
    • A script for which you can provide copyright clearance along with an audio recording of the performance. The script would be included in the book and the audio on the CD. (Note: I’f you’ve got a recording that is a great example, I’ll be happy to pursue obtaining the proper clearances.)
    • Your VO demo.
    • A short audio exercise, demonstration, or discussion of a specific technique.

For the next edition, I’m planning to include expanded sections on:

    • ADR & Looping
    • Promo and Imaging
    • Animation, Video Games, and Anime
    • An expanded section on Audio Books
    • Home Studio Secrets
    • How to Work in Voiceover if you are blind or visually impaired
    • Marketing and Business Development for Voice Actors
    • Care and feeding of the voice
    • Managing clients, sessions, work flow, etc.
    • The legal side of voiceover.
    • and ??? (your ideas are welcome!)

There are three ways to contribute to the next edition of AOVA:

The first is within one of the chapters devoted to a specific niche are of voiceover. For these chapters, your contribution may be included with a few others, each of which might cover various aspects of that niche area. This content includes scripts with an analysis and, ideally, an audio track of the script that is included on the audio CD.

The second is in the “Tricks of the Trade” chapter at the end of the book. This chapter has been a major feature of the book since the second edition. Basically, the chapter consists of a series of short, articles contributed by many of the top voiceover professionals around the world.

The third is that your contribution is incorporated into content provided by others and myself. In this case, your content is footnoted as a reference source.

Regardless of where I might place your contribution, what I would like to request from you is a short article ranging from a few paragraphs up to a maximum of 3 pages that does one of the following:

    • Describe a humorous or valuable studio experience that conveys a technique, skill, or strategy that readers can use.
    • Reveal a useful tool or technique you find valuable for either performing, marketing, or working with clients.
    • Discuss a unique aspect of a particular niche of voiceover work that you might specialize in or have knowledge of.
    • Give your personal thoughts on what it takes to break in to the business and be successful.
    • Offer ideas for advancing an already successful voiceover career.
    • Offer suggestions on any aspect of the business you’d like to discuss.

It doesn’t have to be perfect!

I’ll leave the exact content up to you (although I do reserve the right to edit). In fact, your writing doesn’t need to be perfect. If necessary, I can take your basic contribution and re-work it for the book. Of course, any re-writes I might do will have your approval before being included in the book.

If you have supporting audio for your contribution, please let me know and I may be able to include it on the CD that accompanies the book, providing space is available, or on the AOVA Extras page of the website.

I’m always looking for scripts for commercials, narrations, animation, video games, anime, audio books, etc. If you can provide a script - or can refer me to the copyright holder, please do that as well.

The general idea is to provide AOVA readers with as much current, accurate, and valuable information as possible. I want to let my readers know that working in voiceover is both a serious part of show-business and at the same time can be lots of fun, working with interesting people and projects. Although the general tone of my book is encouraging and motivating, I want to be very clear to readers that there is a great deal more to voiceover work than simply reading a script out loud.

In the 2nd edition, one contributor took us through an average day of his voiceover work, while a few others recounted some very humorous studio experiences. In the 3rd edition, the late Don LaFontaine wrote about the importance of working as part of a team, Bob Jump wrote about how a voice actor can develop their own uniqueness, and Stefan Chinell (from Sweden) suggested many ideas for working on an International level. In the 4th edition, many of the top VO coaches and voice talent contributed content and audio, including: Patrick Fraley, Beau Weaver, Bill Raner, Joe Cipriano, and many others.

You’ll be in Great Company!

Here are just a few of the VO Pros who have been included in the first four editions of The Art of Voice Acting:

  • Sylvia Aimerito
  • Penny Abshire
  • Janet Ault
  • Philip Banks (Ireland)
  • Jon Beaupre
  • Bob Bergen
  • Susan Berkley
  • Beverly Bremers
  • Marc Cashman
  • Joyce Castellanos
  • Stefan Chinell (Sweden)
  • Joe Cipriano
  • DB Cooper
  • Terry Douglas
  • Peter Drew
  • William Dufris
  • Maxine Dunn
  • Pat Fraley
  • Frank Frederick
  • Kathy Garver
  • Jeff Gelder
  • Zack Hanks
  • Mike Harrison
  • Bruce Hayward
  • Hillary Huber
  • Bob Jump
  • David Kersten (UK)
  • Joe Klein
  • Don LaFontaine
  • MJ Lallo
  • Lani Minella
  • Michael Minetree
  • Deb Munro (Canada)
  • Gabrielle Nistico
  • Bill Ratner
  • Rodney Saulsberry
  • Rob Sciglimpaglia
  • Marshal Sylver
  • Amy Taylor
  • Connie Terwilliger
  • Jennifer Vaughn
  • Beau Weaver
  • Wally Wingert
  • Nancy Wolfson
  • Bettye Pierce Zoller
  • and many, many more

It’s Easy to be Part of the Next Edition of The Art of Voice Acting

The easiest way to send something will be to send it in an e-mail to me at [email protected]. This e-mail address bypasses all of my SPAM filters and will come directly to me. Or simply call me at 858 484-0220 M-F between 10am and 5pm Pacific Time.

Here’s what you’ll get as a contributor:

When you contribute material for my book, you’re joing an elite group of the top voiceover professionals in the industry. If you have a copy of AOVA from the second edition forward, you can see exactly what the contributed content looks like:

    • You’ll receive full author credit with your name as a sub-section title and you’ll be listed in both the book Contents and Index.
    • In the “Tricks-of-the-Trade” chapter, your contribution section is preceded by a short bio. There is also a brief bio included if your contribution is placed within a topic-specific chapter.
    • A text reference to your web site is included by your name.
    • You’ll be able to promote yourself as a contributor to the best-selling book on voiceover.

The Technical Details

There are a few minor technical details that go along with contributing material for my book. Before I can include your contribution, I’ll need to have a written release from you - but I’ll send that to you later.

Although you retain copyright to your contributed material, you will be granting me permission to include it in the book (both print and other versions) and in any future publications that I might create. Keep in mind that any use of your material will include full author credit and a reference to your web site, so you’ll actually be getting a whole bunch of free promotion.

There is always the possibility that I will receive more material than I can include in the next edition of the book. Obviously, I’ll need to choose what I feel is most appropriate, so if your contribution is not chosen for this edition, I would like to have the opportunity to excerpt from your material to possibly include in another part of the book (with full credit, of course), to include it in a future edition of the book, to include as a part of a future VOICE magazine, to include it in a different book, or to include on a special web page of bonus material that will be available only to purchasers of the book. This is all covered in the release that I will send to you once we have discussed your contribution.

If your contribution is included in the book, I’ll send you a free copy of the print edtion with my compliments as soon as possible after the book is published.

Please give some thought to the idea of sharing some of your wisdom and experiences in voiceover with the many readers of The Art of Voice Acting.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this page, and I sincerely hope you will consider being part of the the next edition of my book.

Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Call me at: 858 484-0220

or E-mail: [email protected]


James R. Alburger



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