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Demo & Marketing Magic for Voice Actors:
Proven techniques for succeeding
in the business of voiceover

by Penny Abshire

If you are serious about learning how to effectively market your
voiceover talent, consider attending our 3-day Masters Class
where you will be immersed in the business side of voiceover.

Penny Abshire’s long-awaited book on voiceover demos and marketing is now available as a Downloadable E-book! abshire-book-front-cover04

Demo & Marketing Magic… is nothing less than fantastic! Of course that's just you Penny. Once again you made all the overwhelming accessible and comprehensive without being condescending. I'm still digesting this wonderful book and taking it all in. I know it will be an indispensable tool in my career now and always.  I look forward to further editions as well as new books!  Hope to work with you again!
Holly Shively—Denver, CO

Your book has truly opened my eyes to the marketing portion of the business. I have already taken many steps to advancing my career because of what you recommended. So many other books just scratch the surface where yours really dug in and got to the root of it all.I had "ideas" before on what I wanted to do, but I really didn't know how to go about it.You changed my perception of marketing and promotion into the concept of "branding".Now I have a clear path to a more successful career.I'm working with a graphics artist to pull it all together. I'll be sure to send off the finished product.Thanks again!
Robert Bair—Charlotte, NC

Proper training in voice acting is important, but you really should have a good understanding of your business before you start marketing yourself as a professional voice talent. This little book will show you how to set up your business for maximum impact when you start marketing.

This book is a must-read if you are preparing for your first voiceover demo. You’ll learn what you need to include in your demo to make it a marketable tool for your voiceover work.

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Demo & Marketing Magic
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