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August 27-30, 2014, Anaheim Hilton, Anaheim, CA, USA
Education, Technology and Community for voice talent at all levels of experience

VOICE Convention Events & Programs
Presenters and Program Events are subject to change or cancellation up to the time of the event.

“You can’t teach yourself something you don’t already know.”
Beau Weaver, National Voice Talent

If you’re going to be successful, you must never stop learning. VOICE is where you’ll learn what you don’t already know... and you’ll learn from the top voice actors, coaches, and VO professionals in the business! And VOICE 2014 will motivate you to be more successful with your voiceover work than you can possibly imagine!

No matter where you are in your voiceover career, you’ll find a broad diversity of VOICE 2014 programs to give you the information you need to take your voiceover work to new levels.

New for VOICE 2014 - the VOICE Convention Preview Conference Calls:

VOICE 2014 will officially kick off with our opening keynote Thursday  morning at 8:30 am. But to get things up to speed, we’ll open our doors at 8:00am to take care of some “housekeeping,” introduce our staff and volunteers, and announce any last minute changes. This year, starting in April, we’ll also be offering monthly conference calls designed to answer your questions and give you a preview of VOICE 2014, explain how the convention works, and give you ideas to help you get the most from your experience. Many basic questions will be answered, which will put you in the perfect position to take advantage of everything that VOICE 2014 has to offer. Be watching your email for our announcement of the “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About VOICE” conference calls.

We’ve lined up some amazing sessions for you to experience at VOICE 2014:

VOICE 2014 continues the tradition of inviting top voiceover professionals from around the world to teach new skills and moderate panels. As our presenters are confirmed, we’ll be adding links on the right-hand side of this page.

This year, the focus of VOICE is on helping you to be “better than ever” as both a performer and business person. There’s something at VOICE for performers at all levels of experience: from “newbies” to long-time professionals. And to make sure you won’t have to worry about missing anything... every registered full-convention attendee will receive a complete set of the VOICE 2014 session recordings.* For past VOICE conventions, we’ve sold the session recordings for as much as $600! But when you register for VOICE 2014, the session audio recording are included.

All programs are open sessions. You do not need to sign up in advance for any program, and you may move between session rooms as you choose. The final VOICE 2014 schedule will be posted well in advance of the convention and a printed copy will be in your convention Show Bag when you check in.

And, don’t forget... As a VOICE 2014 attendee, you’ll receive the complete set of VOICE convention session recordings as part of your registration**.

A great schedule of events you won’t want to miss*:

  • Wed. Aug 27
  • Thur. Aug 28 - Day 1
    • Convention kick-off
    • Opening keynote
    • Convention sessions
    • Networking
    • Exhibit hall
    • Special evening program you won’t want to miss
  • Fri. Aug 29 - Day 2
    • PTU breakfast (7-9am)
    • Convention sessions
    • Special motivational program
    • Networking
    • Exhibit hall
    • VOICE garden party (late afternoon)
    • Evening free
    • Marc Cashman’s Live Copy Workout (optional special evening session)
  • Sat. Aug 30 - Day 3 - Traditional Bunny Slippers Day
    • General sessions all day
    • Networking
    • Exhibit hall (closes at 1:30pm)
    • VOICE Banquet featuring presentations, interviews, dancing and more.

In addition to our roster of VO sessions and panel programs, there are four highlights to VOICE that you won’t want to miss:

  1. The VOICE 2014 Red Carpet Reception - Our “night-before” VOICE pre-convention bash! Once again, our Red Carpet Reception will give you an opportunity to mingle with the VO stars, meet your online friends in person, and make important new contacts that can advance your career. Some of the top VO pros in the country attend the Red Carpet Reception, along with agents, studio owners, advertising executives, and more. The VOICE 2014 RCR will feature no-host bars and light snacks. Red Carpet Reception registration is included for all registered convention attendees. There is a $30 cover charge for those not attending the convention to attend the Red Carpet Reception with advance RSVP. Convention registration is not required. You must RSVP or be have a full-convention registration to attend theVOICE Red Carpet Reception at the $30 rate. The door charge for walk-ins on the night of the event will be $50 per person. Click here for more information.
  2. The VOICE 2014 Garden Party - One afternoon or evening during the convention is intentionally kept open for our mid-event Networking Mixer. As with our Red Carpet Reception, this is an opportunity to meet and mingle with your fellow convention attendees. This event is open to VOICE attendees only and is included with your convention tuition. Featuring no-host bars, food, plenty of fun, and great conversations. Sorry, but if you’re not registered for VOICE there is a $30 door charge.
  3. The VOICE 2014 Positive Thinkers Unite! breakfast - Positive Thinkers Unite (PTU) is Penny Abshire’s Facebook group and a forum on Voiceover Universe. If you are already a member of PTU, you will be invited to attend a special event just for Positive Thinkers. Click here for more information.
  4. The VOICE Banquet - Our closing banquet has become a VOICE tradition and is one of the most anticipated events of the convention. In addition to an incredible meal, you’ll have the opportunity to meet, and talk to, our special guest. We can’t tell you who it will be just yet, but we guarantee you won’t want to miss it! Past guests have included: the late Don LaFontaine, Dick Orkin and Christine Coyle, June Foray, Bob Bergen, Rob Paulsen, Maurice LaMarche, Joe Ruby, Ken Spears, Bill Rogers, and Camille Dixon.

    The VOICE Banquet is also when we present the coveted VOICE Community Award to an individual who has demonstrated extreme generosity and support of fellow voice actors. Past recipients have included Bob Bergen, Zurek, founder of Voiceover Universe, and JohnVOICE-Community-Award-GENER Florian of Voiceover-Xtra. To find out who receives the next VOICE Community Award, you’ll just have to attend!

    Following the VOICE Banquet, we open the floor for dancing into the wee hours of the morning - or for as long as our DJ can keep spinning the tunes.

    You will be given an opportunity to reserve your seat at the banquet when you register for VOICE, or you can come back to the Event Upgrades page at any time before August 15, 2014 to reserve your seat at the banquet.


  *All convention programs and events are subject to change up to the time of the event.
**Due to contractual obligations, copyright issues, or proprietary information, some conference sessions or support content may not be available for distribution to our attendees, or an additional fee may be required to purchase the recording or support materials.


Click on a photo for more about each program.

Beverly Bremers - Tweaks of the Trade Scott Brick - Audio Books from A-Z (Panel)
September & Bob Carter - VO Game Show
Marc Cashman - Live Copy Workout & We're Looking for a Muse Dave Fennoy - Video Game VO
Natan Fischer - (Argentina) - The Spanish VO Market
Pat Fraley - Keynote
Anne Ganguzza - Social Media DavidGoldberg_75pxlw
Elley-Ray (Toronto) - Voice with Heart Dory Kafoure - Conducting Your Consonant Orchestra
Tim Keenan - ISDN & Other Studio Technologies Kurt Kelly
Joe Loesch - Finding your Passion & Niche
Dan Lenard - Home Studio Acoustics
Gabrielle Nistico - How to be Conversational
Ron Minatrea - Your Roadmap to Voiceover Success
Rob Sciglimpaglia - Voiceover Trends Panel
Rodney Saulsberry - Voiceover Potpourri
Marshall Sylver - "Real Hypnosis - Really Funny" (Las Vegas Show) & Creating a Million Dollar Mouth
Celia Siegel - Branding Your Voiceover Business
Joe J. Thomas - Building on Life's Lessons
Jonathan Tilley - (Germany) - List Building the Right Way BeauWeaver-72
Julie Williams - Ethics in Voiceover Panel Mary Lynn Wissner - Self-Direction
George Whittam - East-West Audio Body Shop

The VOICE convention is a highly interactive live event intended to provide educational and networking opportunities for those attending. VOICE has something for voice talent, actors, professional speakers, and other performers, regardless of experience. Nothing on this web site or presented during the VOICE convention is intended to imply or guarantee representation or work in the entertainment or voiceover industries. Success as a voiceover talent is the result of individual mastery of performing and business skills. The VOICE convention management, sponsors, vendors, and individual presenters are solely responsible for the content of their individual programs, events, and other activities offered during the convention. Individuals are invited to present a program at VOICE based on their submission of a proposal for the program and their standing in the voiceover community. The producers of VOICE encourage diversity and an open discussion of ideas and approaches to building a successful voiceover career, and do not endorse the opinions, business ethics or products of any presenter or exhibitor at the convention. If you do not agree with or like the approach of any presenter, you may freely move to another program at any time. Attendees are encouraged to consider carefully any recommendations made by a presenter or exhibitor before investing in any products or services that might be made available during the convention. The VOICE logo, the convention name VoiceOver International Creative Experience, this website, and all materials created to promote this event or support its programs or activities are owned and copyright, 2007-2014, VoiceActing, LLC. Some programs that include copyrighted or proprietary content may not be available as part of convention recordings made available for sale at a later date. Use of this website and registration for the VOICE convention is an acknowledgment of your understanding and agreement to our policies, terms, and conditions  stated in detail here.

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